Arunachal CM launches two loan-related programs to boost the agricultural and horticultural sectors

According to Arunahal Pradesh CM Pma Kandu, regional and woreda level committees have been set up to select users for the programs.

The Prime Minister of Aranakhal Pradesh on Friday launched two loan-related schemes in the region to boost pastoralists and horticulture sectors and double farmers’ incomes. According to Mr. Kandu, regional and woreda level committees have been set up to select project users.

Woreda level committees headed by deputy district commissioners and woreda agriculture officials and woreda gardeners have selected the beneficiaries and approved the list to state level committees.

Mr. Kandu called on the officials of both departments to adhere to the timetable of the programs, noting that the two plans have seasonal programs.

“Aranchahal has 25 hectares of arable land for agriculture and horticulture and only 2.5 million hectares has been used. If the rest of the land can be exploited, the sectors will be greatly improved, ”said Mr. Kando.

According to the Prime Minister, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is in the process of mobilizing the North East Regional Agricultural Marketing Corporation (NERAMAC).

“The revitalization of the regional marketing board will greatly benefit the region’s farmers,” he said.

He added that the union cabinet has approved the palm oil project at a cost of 11,040 million euros.

The closure of the oil palm development in the region is due to the lack of commitment from advertisers to establish factories that have created self-confidence among farmers. The MoU was canceled by one of the promoters and the meeting was called to expedite the mission, ”he said.

He appealed to banking institutions to help farmers in the region by providing loans to their enterprises, he said.

Speaking on the occasion, Deputy Prime Minister Chon Min urged members of the House not to interfere in the selection of beneficiaries and said that the Deputy Commissioners should select the real beneficiaries.

We have to go with quality planting materials and try to produce such materials in the state. We need to try to transform Arunachal into a regional fruit bowl as well as a favorable climate and a land suitable for agriculture, ”said Mr. Min.

The two plans will be implemented in a 45: 45 10 10 ratio with government subsidies, bank loans and consumer contributions, with 60 60 each allocated to both sectors.

The government has allocated 60 million euros in subsidies to Atma Nirbhar Krishi Yojna (ANKY) and the Nribb Bawawani Yojana (NBI) in the agricultural sector. , ”Said Bidol Tayen, secretary of agriculture and horticulture.

Under both programs, a comprehensive, end-to-end approach has been developed to cover pre-production, production, post-harvest handling, processing and marketing for farmers and producers in the region.

The purpose of the plans is to promote credit discipline and ensure that the banking sector supports land and horticulture in addition to ensuring timely financing.

The programs are available to any individual farmer as well as self-help groups and FPOs. No warranty or bank guarantee is required as far as the plan is concerned.

The program will be distributed throughout the region and applicants must apply to the relevant Deputy Commissioner’s Office in their respective woredas. About 300 million euros will be invested in the sector, of which 120 euros will be part of the government subsidy.

At the beginning of the plan, the regional government signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the State Bank of India, Aranakhal Pradesh Rural Bank and the Regional Cooperative AXX Bank to provide loans to farmers and HGCs.


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