Arunachal Pradesh plans to increase agricultural and horticultural production

Encouraging the state’s agriculture and horticulture sectors, Prime Minister Phema Kandu has developed two major power plans for the agricultural sector: Atma Nirbhar Krishna Yojana and Atma Nirbarba Bagwani Yojana.

The programs are part of the AtmaNirbhar program announced during a budget meeting in February this year. A total of 120 kronor – 60 kroner for each program – has been allocated to the two relevant agricultural and horticultural units.

AtmaNirbhar Krishi Yojna under the Department of Agriculture is under pressure and offers a bank loan to former Prime Minister Sashakt Kisan Yojna and Prime Minister Samah Yojna. Also, AtmaNirbhar Bagwani Yojna is the original plan of the Prime Minister Sashakt Kisan Yojana under the gardening department.

He commended the agricultural and horticultural departments and banks for bringing in the right guidelines for the benefit of farmers and self-help groups (SHGs) in the state and called on everyone to contact the district administrations for details. And use plans.

“These two plans are unique because they are both based on completed subsidies. The loan link will be provided to SBI, Arunahal Pradesh Rural Bank and Arunahal Pradesh Cooperative Bank, ”he said.

He informed SHGs that those who use the plans do not need any land documents such as LPC. A simple certificate from the relevant EAC, CO or BDO will serve the purpose.

There is also no guarantee (guarantee or mortgage) for individual plans up to 1.60 million rubles. Loans up to 10 million rubles are not required for SHGs.

“The best thing is that the plan parties have to carry 45% of the government subsidy, 45% of the bank loan and only 10% of the farmers,” he said.

The women members expressed hope that the plans would be very useful for the 3,700-strong state.

Emphasizing on the timely implementation of the plans, the Prime Minister asked the executive agencies not to wait for the deadlines set for the process.

The department has set a September deadline for selecting end users.

According to official records, we have about 25 acres of arable land, but unfortunately we are currently using only 3.5 acres[3.5 ha]. We need to make good use of the Land Bank in order for our state to become an arterial state. ”

Bagwani Yojana is used to cultivate fruits such as apples, kiwi, oranges, apricots, walnuts and persimmon, while Krishna Yojana grows from scientific land, tea and rubber, double crops, agricultural mechanization, FPO, buckwheat farming, o-bolo, beekeeping, etc.

The programs are implemented by the Secretary General and the Regional Level Committees, chaired by the Deputy Commissioners of each region. District farm and district gardeners will be executive officers who select users in the districts.

The implementation guidelines for the plans were developed by the Nabard Consulting Agency at NABCONS.

Thanks to the banks and NABARD, the current government is under unprecedented pressure in the agri-horticulture sector, especially in the Northeast.

“Recently, the cabinet of the union has renewed the Northeast Regional Market Development Corporation, which manages its products in the market. The center also resumed an oil palm mission in the region for five years at 11040 Rebel. ”

True, the Palm Oil program was implemented in the state a few years ago, but it has not been successful. Although 4,000 hectares of palm oil has been cultivated, the farmers have failed to set up factories. According to one, the incentives have doubled during this time, which should be beneficial for advertisers.

“We have met with some advertisers and we plan to develop at least 15,000 hectares this year,” he said.

Pedestrian area commissioners who met with the program called on them to study the feasibility of palm oil development in their woredas.

The Prime Minister said he has proposed to host the planned regional palm oil conference in Namsai. In addition to attracting investors, the conference will also educate farmers in the region, he said.


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