As nature discusses the importance of safety, Corwell Duchess visits Monti Don Garden

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He joined the Cornwall Duchess The world of gardeners The couple discusses the importance of nature to safety, with provider Monti Don visiting the garden.

Duchess appeared for the famous BBC Gardening Show around Mont Don’s Garden Longmond. During the visit, Camilla reflected on the epidemic of horticulture and natural disasters.

“I think Gardens got people through COVID,” Duchess told Monti Don. You can go into the garden and lose yourself completely. You don’t have to think about anything else. ”

Camila explains how being outdoors helps improve the overall environment.

“You are surrounded by nature. You know, birds are singing, bees are talking. There is something very healing in plants. ”

Duchess adds that over the past 18 months, many people have “realized what a unique garden it is and what they can do with it. They can be creative. They start growing vegetables, even though they have never been used before. ”

“Duchess is passionate about growing good vegetables,” explains host Monti Don, who is visiting her growing garden.

During this visit to the garden, the couple confessed that they had “stolen the show” and that Monny Don’s golden return, Neil’s spokesman.

The clips The world of gardeners The episode was shared by Clarence House on Instagram for the official account of Cornell Duchess and Prince of Wales.

Filled The world of gardeners Section is available for viewing on BBC iPlayer.

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