As the Obama Center progressed, the Tiger Woods Golf Course stuck in a tight spot

It’s been five years since Barack Obama raised his finger on the White House map of Jackson Park and said, “There,” where he will be celebrating his presidency.

Debates have begun, legal challenges have been raised and judged, and now the Obama presidency seems to be a reality. Jackson Park has garbage workers and equipment.

The questions are many – will the foundation have the money to build the center and support its work? What kind of programs and events are involved? Does a community park benefit the surrounding community when it is upgraded?

These are legitimate and important questions, but for someone who has followed this development controversy, there is one hanging over there – whatever the idea of ​​a golf course? Should Tiger Woods have been involved and pushed along with the Obama project, giving public hope by star power? According to the Chicago Tribune, Obama called Woods.

The idea seems to be that he is asleep, just like a fave. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. “We hope the Golf Course project will be more front and center,” said Robert Markoni, executive director of the Chicago County Golf Association. Tiger Woods is still ready. ”

Woods, through the company’s TGR design, had to reconsider the 18-hole Jackson Park course and the nine-hole South Shore course and connect it to an underground tunnel on South Shore Drive. They will be an 18-hole course designed to draw PGA events and celebrities.

But when the project was handed over to Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, local residents and day-to-day managers wondered if they were going out.

Big Welling, senior design consultant for Tiger Woods, will present community plans for 2018 at Jackson Park and South Shore Golf Courses.
Sun-Times Media

Emmanuel pushed the idea with Park District Supply. Mike Kelly. Emails have been published showing how to increase support. They created the Chicago Parks Golf Alliance as a fundraiser. Markionini, a member of the coalition, said the work was in full swing, but that during the COVID fundraiser, most of the time, there was a legal drama for the Obama Center.

Other things are also playing out – money and change of management. According to the Sun-Times Lynn Sweet, the estimated cost of the Obama Center is $ 830 million for construction and first-year construction.

His foundation still does not have that, so his presidency must be further elevated. If you add taxpayer-supported work such as sidewalks and roadblocks, you could spend a lot of money, from $ 30 million on personal golf courses to $ 60 million. Obama loves golf, but he doesn’t need a fundraising contest.

Mayor Lori Litfut told the Sun Times in 2019 that she did not like the golf course merger.

“He feels that it is not a well-thought-out plan. It is not a plan that is respected by the community. There are some environmental problems with it. I have some concerns and some red flags. ”

If this is her view, her office did not comment last week. Kelly is still in the office but has been occupied by critics of the treatment of abuse by park rangers. His spokesman did not respond to emails about golf courses.

“I think this idea really came from the top down,” said Junita Iriszari, executive director of Parks Friends. She said the plan has less public support than the Obama Center in Jackson Park. “Some golfers are happy, but others are afraid of losing their value,” she said.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

South Shore may force the removal of nature temples. Tracy Raul, chairman of the Jackson Park Golf Association and a supporter of the project, said the high level of the lake threatens the sanctuary and that – well, there are other problems. “It’s an ugly place to be,” she said. “There are all kinds of medicines. Now is the time to stop. ”

Raul said the courses need to be improved. “Garden and environmental protection have grown since then,” said Jackson Park since 1899 and South Shore in 1907. “Many courses have natural reserves and restricted areas.

Another point to mention: Why does the South side oppose something when it wants something? Why should they get everything in front of downtown and Lake North?

In addition to the Obama Center issues, the golf course project needs to be heard in its own right. It takes time. “There is self-confidence and bullying, but there is a lot of work,” said one supporter of the integration.

Just like in a long golf course, presentation bullets can make a difference.

A.D. Plan for the 2017 Park Jackson-South Shore golf course merger, distributed in 2017.

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