Asher Roth releases a greenhouse product. 3 ‘R. Marcus Smith, Mickey Fact and others

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Nearly ten years after the second load Atmospheric problem Released worldwide, Asher Roth is back today with the much-anticipated third volume.

Created as a concept album, Asher starred in the album as a professor of horticulture at the university. “The tape is a kind of rap opera,” he said in a statement. Professor of Vegetable and Vegetable. A few students, looking at his long hair and Birkenstown, think he could teach them how to grow a pot. So he does. Eventually the greenhouse was broken up by a few kids who stole the growth, but eventually a police officer – a student in a professor’s class who could never learn how to grow. The pot that grows is truly magical and creates a gateway to the multitudes, but only when the soul is kindly smoked. If he smokes bad apples, as we know, the world will fall apart. ”

As a result of this rap opera, Aser began to share Appela’s particles on disk during the epidemic, allowing fans to create their own rhythms. Aser then listens to the live streams on the Twitch channel and ratings the favorites. That experiment, which lasted more than 20 weeks, basically improved Greenhouse effect no. 3. With 15 songs and 12 different producers, Asher provided the help of Marcus Smith, Tresse’s shadow, and others to tell his story. To keep his fans on track until the release of the album, Asher Roth also released it GEV3-piece Last week, Snazzy Kat released a new single-fan songs, the latest single.

See the full project below –

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