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What to do this week As the summer breeze subsides, and the plants begin to prepare for winter sleep, we let the garden down. Stop fertilizing for many years and roses. But if you plan your annual garden well, September will still look amazing. I cut out old and damaged leaves, such as Dalius and Iris, to make room for those who have not yet bloomed, including moms and Esther. Harvest the dead annuals and vegetables to preserve their produce. Fall is an important season for butterflies and other pollen grains, so I grow many spring flowers, such as Canadian Burnett, Spring Monk, Harvest Anon, Joe-Pie Weed, Late Flax, Roses, New England Aster, and Goldengrass. I did not plant gold. It just pops up. It feeds on pollen and does not cause grass fever, but at the same time is caused by an invisible ragway that grows at the same time. Only after the golden flower has finished flowering do I cut the seeds and put them in a bag. I do not cut dairy products, because if royal butterflies lay eggs on it, it can accommodate their caterpillars.

Q: My question is what will be installed on the Cape Code instead of replacing it with privacy shields. I hate the constant sound of fences. I don’t like their smell either! I prefer non-invasive local plants.

RSS, Chatham

A Installing a fence that is constantly cracked is like creating a lot of air and noise pollution, as well as cost. If you want to prune only once or less a year, Western nurseries in Hopkinson, Hingham, and Chelford suggest summer flowers of Sharon (hibiscus syriacus), hollyhock-like flowers. It loves coastal areas and grows 8 to 12 feet tall and spreads 6 to 10 feet wide. I love the old fragrant French lira (Syringa Valgaris), but many people bloom in May before entering their homes on the beach. In Little Compton, RI, Peckham Green House Rick Peckham Blue Holly Hybrid Palace (ilex x meserveae ‘Heckenstar’) or Dragon Lady (ilex x aquipernyi ‘Meschick’), as well as indigenous wild-shaped inkberry (ilex glabra), 5 to 8 feet tall and wide (but not the dwarf species). Pekham depicts nine ships (Fiscarparus oval lipofolios) with June flowers and colorful leaves. Diabolo is a type of chocolate mahogany leaf that grows to a height of 4 to 8 feet. The best indigenous viburnums are Viburnum opulus var. Americanum, which can grow up to 6 to 10 feet in height and width, and can grow up to 8 to 12 feet in height and width.

Remember, curtains for summer homes do not always have to be green. Pekham warns West thuja occidentalis is a well-known no-frills solution in the far north, but its leaves burn under the bright sun on the beach. Like politics, all gardens are local. So ask your local kindergarten about what privacy fences grow in your area, especially if you have special circumstances.

On Thursday, December 10, 2020, Hummingbirds, in a luxurious garden at the Lennore Pardo ሽያጭ sale in San Francisco de Bogota, Colombia, helped former visitors pay for their food. The garden closed its doors when the Colombian government ordered forced isolation to fight the new cholera virus. Although the move has been relaxed since September, 63-year-old Pardo has decided not to reopen to protect her 87-year-old mother, who shares a garden. (AP Photo / Fernando Vergara)Fernando Vergara / Associated Press

Q: I wonder why the hummingbirds are different from the usual suggestions for sugar water – ¼ A cup of white sugar dissolves in 1 cup of hot or boiling water. As their migration approaches, I add a little sugar, but my chefs seem to enjoy another “juice.” By the way, I also filled my bird baths. Even on a rainy day, he had no more bathing than this year. There is no sign of sick birds.

MJ, Lowell

A Thank you to all the readers who pointed out my mistake. I was planning to write 4 to 1 ounces of water with sugar. Ruby: Throat Hamingbird (and two teenagers) are heading south recently, but as they travel to Florida, Mexico, and South America for the winter, they will be refreshing our water supplies until September for further migrant tasting. There is no sign of sick birds here. This summer’s mysterious bird flu epidemic appears to be confined to more southern regions, unlike New England.

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