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Assad Raza’s new work Direction It diverts the river through Portocus and invites people to meet and dive into the main body of water.

The river is a major feature of the planet’s water cycle — the flow of water from mountain to river, ocean, and cloud. As a source of energy, fertility, and new life, the river is often understood as a powerful god or person, with historical, economic, socio-political and emotional significance. Artist Asad Raza’s new work in response to Portius’ special place on the main island of Frankfurt Direction It reflects the many facets that rivers carry. In a spectacular waterfall that covers the entire exhibition space, visitors will experience a continuous stream of swimming in the gallery.

The core of Raza’s practice is to create experiences and conversations. In Direction, The audience is invited to meet, get baptized and drink purified water from the river. Like many of the artist’s works, human transformation is an integral part of this section. Raza’s guards disperse with the visitor, explain scientific facts, tell stories, and perform daily rituals, such as monitoring the quality of the water, inspecting the growth, filtering, and replenishing the volume. Gathering the process and the relationship together, Raza emphasizes the support of people and their environment in this section.

The idea of ​​change – knowledge and substance – is highlighted by the various materials used in the gallery and the events that took place in the exhibition. Coal is made by burning wood collected on the island, but the sand bank remembers how stones collided. The filtered sediments collected from the channel provide nutrients for the plants to live and thrive in the gallery. Inspired by the image of the river Delta, all the elements are connected like arteries and feed on each other. Direction It forms the ecosystem, the artist as a combination of metabolism: human, plant and mineral life. Using common materials such as newspapers, picnic tables, plumbing and plaster, Raza creates a common memory environment, creating a meeting place and meditation. In this regard, the title, DirectionMentions both the main straightforward side of Portix and the urgency of moving away from the course.

Assad Raza (b. 1974 in Buffalo, USA) in his work rejected the disciplinary restrictions imposed on the arts, such as metabolism, active experience. The projects create relationships outside of the exhibition and beyond, using activities and processes such as soil construction, tennis and fruit and vegetables. His works have been realized by institutions including the Whitney American Art Museum (2017), Lahore Beninale (2018), Caldor Public Arts Projects (2019), Gropius Bow (2020), Surpantin Galleries (2020), and Urbane Kunst Ruhr (2020). 2021), West Den Haag (2022), Grand Union (2021–2023) and Front Three Years (2022).

Direction With Artist newspaper edited by Assad Raza and Matthew Hele, by Liberty Adrin, Arhun Axalkal, Sophia Al-Maria, Shane Anderson, Carina Bukuts, Keren Seth, Mantia Diwara, Emily Dickinson, Dan Graham, Rufus Hell, Catalina Imizcoz, Lotz, Adéla Součková, Joe Stahlmann, Elsa Stanyer, Bones Tan Jones and others. The newspaper is designed by Studio Pandan and X books by artists.

Direction Support is provided by Hessische Kulturstiftung, Kulturamt der Stadt Frankfurt am Main and Städelschule Portikus eV. Additional support is provided by Oase.

Director: Yasmil Raymond
Superintendents of Freedom Freedom Adrin and Carina Bukuts

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