Assam CM evaluates various agricultural programs “News Live TV” Assam

Guwahati – The Prime Minister of Pigs, Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma, today reviewed various plans implemented by the Agriculture Directorate of Agriculture, Vegetables and Food Processing in Kanapara.

The meeting was attended by Minister of Agriculture Atul Bora, MLA Jianta Mala Barua and officials of various departments of the Department of Agriculture.

He said the Ministry of Agriculture should be vigilant in approaching the farmers and facilitating the use of the latest agricultural technology by providing better market linkages to the farmers.

He said agriculture should be the main driver of the economy as it is an agricultural state.

During the meeting, the Prime Minister made the following points:

Along with taking steps to promote the appropriateness of the authorities to fill vacancies in the Department of Agriculture early. A special cell has been set up for employment purposes.
Creating posts by executive engineers necessary to enhance the department’s work.
To maintain a property record for the department to be uploaded on stage.
Proper Establish a seed portal for proper seed procurement and distribution.
It has evaluated the implementation of national plans such as PM Kishan, Prime Minister Fasal Bima Yojana, Krishna Sinchai Yojana, etc.
Short Fertilizer distribution network to be strengthened by eliminating shortages and misuse. Government to develop its own fertilizer distribution network within 3 months to deliver fertilizer directly to the retailer.
G Agri University conducts a sample survey on the use of fertilizers, pesticides, etc. by farmers in different regions.
Central to develop a plan for the best use of money according to various central government plans. A program officer, accountant and media expert in each Woreda Agriculture Office.
The Regional Horticulture Professionals Interactive Session is being developed to grow the sector.
Activate seed farms under Agripp and Pig Seed Corporation to produce quality seeds.
Ll All racial certification free of cost for the next three years.

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