Assessing automatic energy savings in cannabis development

The RII Institute, in partnership with Evergreen Consulting Group, CLEAResult, and the US Council for Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE), is hosting a webinars on Thursday, September 16th. Development Areas – Better practices on increasing energy and water savings, and adapting effective incentive programs, ”the event is part of RII’s next Harvest Savings Unit, which explores new technologies in CEA-controlled areas. Registration for the event is available here.

Facilitating the control of environmental control systems for a crop leader can reduce energy and operational costs by increasing production per square foot. Control system improvements can be paid for by scanning pests and diseases that can be seen by farmers, which can prevent crop loss and increase institutional productivity.

Growing jobs can be prioritized by using automation in cannabis to improve the efficiency of well-adjusted production, conserve resources, and reduce demand in extreme seasons. Hardware and software designers and manufacturers have solutions for cannabis breeding that have learned from a variety of commercial and industrial applications. Sensory devices are now available for fruits and vegetables, low cost, widely available and stronger than ever. HVC , Lighting and irrigation systems Environmental control systems collect and monitor data from sensors to record target conditions such as lighting, room temperature and irrigation and record data efficiency programs. Use it to ask for savings.

Savings from light and HVC controllers are often calculated using custom assessments for efficiency programs and incentives for high-performance automation approaches. Farmers also find it difficult to understand how different environmental control approaches affect their ability to provide consistent conditions and save energy in their growing environment.

Utilities and Energy Efficiency Programs Using traditional approaches to measure energy benefits, traditional and efficient approaches to lighting and HVC. Learn how to standardize approaches to collect savings to support more customers and demand more protective savings.

Participants learn about:

  • Key concepts
  • Market barriers
  • Technical standards
  • Utility will be provided


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