AU: Ensuring the key to high levels of success for current agricultural worker visas

The Australian Fresh Production Alliance (AFAP) is calling on the government to implement a seasonal agricultural worker visa test by the end of this year.
Employment standards to ensure employee safety.

Compliance with existing ethical source programs, labor market testing and
A copy of the terms and conditions of future visa holders’ copies of employment contracts.

There is very little detail on the current agricultural worker visa, but our proposal is to ensure that there are strong employer sponsorship requirements. .

The requirements set by the AFPA are similar to those currently required by employers approved by the current Employee Employment Program and the Pacific Employment Program.
In gardening.

Best practice network
“We want it to grow in line with current agricultural workers’ visas. With this setting, visa holders
It can move between known networks of agreed employers. This commends the programs of the Pacific labor movement, which does not violate standards, ”said Mr. Rogers.

The FAPA’s current agricultural worker visa proposal also includes strong requirements for future visa holders, including English language proficiency and a comprehensive certification in the native language of the Australian agricultural industry, employment standards and grievance procedures.

The purpose of the current Agricultural Workers’ Visa is to reduce the industry’s reliance on investors and to meet a group of workers who want to work in Australia. As such, it is important that future visa holders have access to information and that they are educated and certified in a variety of subjects relevant to their work in Australia.

Australia’s fresh produce industry is in the throes of labor formation and the adoption of new manpower planning and management. Strong and applicable employment standards on both sides
Pacific programs and current agricultural workers’ visas will support continued growth in the industry and help further develop productive and retrofitting, ”said Mr. Rogers.

Here are some suggestions on how to use AFPA.

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