Auburn University celebrates 75 years of forest and wildlife science

AUBURN, ala., September 13, 2021 (PRNewswire) – The Auburn University The School of Forestry and Wildlife Science is celebrating its 75th anniversary with the annual celebration of spring 2021.

Celebrating 75 years of forest and wildlife science at Auburn University

“In the history of 75 years, Auburn It has produced thousands of well-qualified graduates, provided scientific knowledge to improve the quality of life of its citizens, and provided solutions to some of the world’s most complex natural resource problems. Dean Janaki Alavalapati.

Our teachers, staff and graduates have many reasons for the impact of the school on the development of forests, wildlife and natural resources that extend beyond our region and territory.

Since the 1800s. Of Auburn The forest development program has improved in line with the country’s development.

With the growing demand for trained professionals to manage forest and woodworking, the College of Agriculture and Mechanical Alabama, right now Auburn University, Began teaching forest development courses in 1896.

However, the College of Agriculture, as a school at the time, did not recognize it as an independent program in the Department of Fruit and Vegetable Development, and it was not until 1946 that it was recognized as a Department of Forestry in 1947.

In 1984, the Department of Forest Development continued to be a school for forestry for the next three decades, as there was a greater need for a science-based foundation in forest management.

A.D. In 1999, the school added several faculty of wildlife from the Department of Wildlife and Anthropology and is now a school of forestry and wildlife science. With the growing number of teachers, staff and students, the school built a modern forest and wildlife science building in 2005.

Since then, the Forestry and Wildlife Science School has made great strides not only in terms of student numbers, teachers, and staff, but also in various programs to address growing industrial and governmental needs. , Including undergraduate degrees such as geography and environmental information providers, natural resource management, sustainable biometric materials and packaging, and wildlife enterprise management.

The school has expanded its online learning platforms and has combined online non-academic resources with master’s degrees in forest trade and investment, rehabilitation ecology, health and forest finance and investment certification programs.

During the celebration, the school is showcasing a series of virtual and physical events, including a series of speakers, postgraduate research seminars, awards ceremony and other social events such as the upcoming tail, dean forum and graduates. Social.

The annual celebration will end in the spring of 2022 with the signing of Gala.

Alavalapati said it was a great effort to plan a year-round celebration. “We would like to thank the committee members who gave their time to create a memorable year for teachers, staff, students and aluminum,” he said.

Faculty members Becky’s husband And Mark Smith They serve as co-chairs of the annual planning committee, which includes graduates Glen Glover ’73, Faculty of Emirate; William Green ’14, Director of the Alabama Precious Forest Owners Association; And Frank Walber 79, senior vice president of natural resources and real estate division of regional banks, and staff members Jamie Anderson, Heather Crossroads, Paula Davis And Sue Robinson.

In addition to the event, the school celebrated the 75th anniversary of the publication of “Forest and Wildlife Science”. Auburn University, ”Chronicles Of Auburn Forest and Wildlife Programs, written Auburn alumnus Arthur L. Slotkin 68, author of eight books on the history of science and technology.

Visitors to the website,, can purchase the book online, browse the interactive timeline and photo archive, learn more about school history, upload photos and other memories, and learn more about the annual celebration.

Auburn University Life-changing access to world-class scholarships, multidisciplinary research with a bachelor’s degree, Carnegie R1 placement, Carnegie community engagement placement and a bachelor’s degree is a nationally recognized land grant institution. Auburn It is home to more than 30,000 students, and the faculty and research partners are working together to develop and deliver meaningful scholarships based on science, technology and technology to meet urgent regional, national and international needs. Of Auburn Commitment to active student engagement, professional success, and public / private partnerships fosters a growing reputation for increasing and prolonging economic, health, and social impact.

(PRNewsfoto / Auburn University)

(PRNewsfoto / Auburn University)



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