August 25 – Center Park Credit Unit donates $ 2,500 to Savana State University Community Garden

August 25, 2021 – The Center Park Credit Union has donated $ 2,500 to the Savana State University Campus Community Garden. The garden, built as a way to promote healthy eating at affordable prices for students with garden imbalances, offers hands-on learning experiences and serves as a meeting place for faculty, staff and students to demonstrate a green economy.

“Young people are the foundation of our future and community gardens encourage exercise and improve nutrition and fresh food knowledge,” said Donna Williams of the Center Park Credit Union Community Development Coordinator. “Savana State University’s Community Garden is in line with our mission to serve its members beyond their financial needs.

The SSU Community Garden, established in March 2021, has started with 16 eight-square-foot farms and has now grown to 26 plots due to high demand. There is a “take home” box in the garden to supply produce to anyone in the yard. In addition to reducing food security, the Savana State Campus Community Garden has three specific goals

Providing a peaceful garden to enjoy throughout the year to provide opportunities for positive social interaction in an attractive environment where the campus community can work together in a healthy environment to promote nutrition awareness and promote healthy eating habits.

“The support of the Center Park Credit Union will enable us to purchase fertilizer and soil to improve our soil health, as well as farmland to help us plan plots as we move from season to season,” said Savana Assistant Director Jolly Kevin. State University International Education Center and one of the founders of the garden. “The students were delighted when I told them we would add backyard benches and swings. Even if you don’t want to plant or grow anything, you can still come and enjoy the garden. ”

Williams said the financial institution at encourages local non-profit organizations with community-based gardening plans to apply for future Center Park Credit Union sponsorships.


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