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Chekhov Dutch

At 3:00 pm on Sunday, Milikovo’s Anton Chekhov is celebrating the 15th annual Dachshund Festival. how? Because Anton Chekhov was one of the first owners of Dashboard in Russia. He got a pair from his friend and editor Nikolai Lekin. Named after Chekhov’s sister, she turned around in her brother’s medical bag and decided to name the puppies for drugs – Brom for Bromid and China for quinine. Brom and China seemed very cunning, but they did all the property and were loved by their owners. Every year, Melikovo celebrates its genre with games, competitions, and hugs. Spend a day visiting the property and having lunch in one of the cafes. See Melikovo station for more information.

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Winzavod Art Market and Aminazin

This weekend, the Winnipeg Art Market, galleries, studios and associations will host the Win-Win Art Market, where you will display and sell paintings, graphics, sculptures and other works of art. More than two dozen artists and a dozen or more other organizations are participating. Art works vary in price from easily affordable to I-top-out-my-credit-card sums. If you participate on Saturday, be sure to stop in the hall for an aminazine project presentation featuring the work of artists and news producers. Admission to both events is free of charge. See the Winzavod site for more information.

Moscow News Agency
Moscow News Agency

Russian Garden Festival

Tsaritsyno Museum promises to be a spectacular long-distance outdoor exhibition. From September 4-12, the state will host “Russian gardens” in other foreign museums. Kulikovo Pole, Melikohovo, Arkangelskoye, Yasa Polya and other sites design, plant and decorate their answers to their question – what is a “Russian garden”? That’s where writers write, where lovers meet or break up or cry, where families gather for tea, and where everyone walks in summer and autumn baskets, where the Russian fields and forests seek rewards – mushrooms. Is it culture or vegetables? Is there a common metaphor? Is the Russian garden different from the French or German garden? Enjoy the clear days of harvest and think about these eternal questions. The September 12 landscape show ends with a ceramic tour. See the Tsaritsyno site for more information and tickets. Tsaritsyno is a No-Covid zone and all visitors must show proof of immunization or negative PCR testing.

Flower Crowd and Fruit Crowd Festival

Meanwhile, Moscow itself is becoming greener and sweeter in September. The fourth annual “Flower Crowd” Festival has made the city center and a few dozen neighborhoods densely forested and flower beds. Ploschchad Revolyutsii, Manege Square, Stoleshnikov Pereulok, Nikolskaya Ulitsa and Kuznetsky are all filled with urban gardens, from the Russian jungle to the little pink garden. If you have not been to Dhaka or can never find fresh flowers and trees, wander around and enjoy. You can buy street jams, jelly, fruit and other sweets from vendors and kiosks. The festival runs until October 1.

Sophia Sandurskaya / Moscow News Agency
Sophia Sandurskaya / Moscow News Agency

Outdoor movies in the garage

This weekend and next week, you can catch the last days of movies in the park at the Modern Art Garage Museum. At 8pm on Saturday night, you can watch “Annette” with Adam Driver and Marion Coteler. You can see a million dollars baby Monday at 8 p.m. On September 8, Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami’s “Take Me Home” and “24 Frames” did not miss two films. And on Thursday (September 9), the garage will be the first place for the “Ghostland prisoners” played by Nicholas Cage, led by Zion Sona and played by Nicholas Cage. In the film, Cage, a wealthy warlord, is released from prison and given five days to find his grandson. His encouragement? If the leather jacket does not bring the girl, it will explode in five days. Visit the museum site for more information on these and other films.

Best Friends Dance-A-Tone

Whenever possible, Russia’s Branch of the Branch holds a large dance marathon at one of the hottest clubs in the city, Adrenaline Stadium. Best Friends is a charity that combines people with intellectual and developmental disabilities with their friends – and then sits down and watches everyone grow up. Once a year, some of the best and most popular actors in Russia come together to celebrate with their best friends. Glucose, Julian Hawk, Sasha Morozova, 7 Hills, Mikhail Bashkatov and a few of the dancers this Sunday. It starts in the afternoon and ends at 8:00 pm, bring your children, grandparents and friends. It is fun and great for anyone with a disability, or anyone who wants their children to spend time with people who are a little different. All ticket purchases go to Best Friends programs. For more information and tickets, see the best friends site.

Best friends
Best friends

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