Aussie highlights responsible gardening

Limited food waste, packaging, and water and energy efficiency are just some of the opportunities in the new Australian-grown horticultural sustainability framework with industrial inputs.

Invented by more than 600 industry participants, the framework outlines 17 areas of focus that are in line with existing business initiatives and initiatives, as well as the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

According to Matt Brand, CEO of Hort Innovation, the framework has been developed for participants in the Australian horticulture industry as consumers and investors are asking for evidence of ethical and sustainable practices from their food producers.

“The purpose of this sustainable framework is to acknowledge the significant contribution made by ASCI fresh producers to the country’s families and the region by providing fresh and nutritious food,” he said.

It promotes sustainable and responsible care for our natural environment and provides an important roadmap for the future of strong Australian agriculture.

According to Mr. Brand, the initiative is in line with the research efforts of Hort Innovation, which aims to increase agriculture to $ 100 billion by 2030.

He said the Nintendo framework, obtained from the Mulgoviye Agricultural Company, is an important resource for the industry.

“The Mulgowie farming team is proud of its ethical and sustainable practices in producing healthy products from our healthy soils,” he said. We look forward to a sustainable framework that provides ways for many local stakeholders to demonstrate positive environmental impacts and industry issues.

According to Joseph Ebb, Marketing Manager of the Almonds Board in Australia, sustainability is important for customers both nationally and internationally.

In Europe and the UK, our business partners are looking for suppliers who can meet sustainability standards. In order to maintain and nurture these relationships, our ability to promote sustainability is essential, ”said Ebb.

“The framework provides an invaluable foundation for our industry. The Australian Almond Industry is looking to use this rich awareness to create a unique program for the cultivation and processing of nuts in Australia.

The Horticultural Sustainability Framework has been in place for over 12 months and includes input from manufacturers, workers, industry leaders, service and input suppliers and researchers. Finance professionals and investors, marketers and exporters, retailers, governments and consumers also had input.

Mr Brand said all groups shared the same priorities for sustainable waste reduction, food security and energy use.

The next step is to measure the current performance of the sectors on each of the indicators mentioned in the framework. ”


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