Australia to help Nagaland grow in agriculture

Cohima, December 4, 2010 (FBC) Australia is seeking to assist Nagaland in the field of agriculture and horticulture, Deputy Consul General Daniel Sim said on Saturday.

Speaking on the fourth day of the Hornbill Festival, Deputy Consul General in Kolkata, Australia, began the initiative by launching a sustainable horticultural project in the state of Moscow.

He said the Australian Consulate in Coca-Cola was looking to strengthen trade and investment ties with East and North East India in addition to strengthening people-to-people and cultural ties.

Sim Australia recognizes the famous Hornbill Festival and the culture and heritage of the Naga people.

“It’s an amazing festival and it was a great success,” he said.

In another session, the Director of Pig Rifles, PC Nair, said that the Hornbill Festival is very special and gives tourists, both local and foreign, a chance to see the rich traditions of different tribes.

On the fourth day of the festival, the 17 major Naga tribes continue to entertain visitors with traditional performances.

As part of the festival, the TFMA, under the auspices of the Youth Resources and Sports Department, is hosting the Hornbill Music Festival in two locations – Naga Heritage Village Kisama and the Regional Center for Music and the Arts (RCEMPA) in Jotsom.

Thirty-five bands featuring about 200 musicians are performing at the Hornbill Music Festival, which is considered to be India’s biggest music carnival, according to TaFMA consultant Theja Meru.

Out of 35 bands, three are out of the state – Dosers Urj and Solmet from Magalla, and Grisish and Chronicles from Sikim.

Dosage Urgi and Polar Lights will work Monday, WIZ and Soulmate will be held on December 7 with others. PTI NBS Som Som

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