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Australian High Commissioner Dr Geoffrey Shaw said on Tuesday that in addition to ensuring food security, technology transfer is important to provide quantum jumps for agricultural production and make Pakistan an independent country.

Fisalabad, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – August 24, 2021) Australian High Commissioner Dr Jeffrey Shaw said on Tuesday that in addition to providing a quantum jump for agricultural production and making Pakistan an independent country, technology marketing is important. Food security.

He was here at the University of Agricultural University (UF). He praised UAF technologies and stressed the need for business to reach the agricultural community for agricultural development. He said Pakistan and Australia have strong ties and that it is an area that will bring about real change. He said Australia would help the UAF to produce top coaches in the field of agriculture. He said they have done important work on fruit flies and are assisting the UAF in the fruit fly action program.

Speaking on the occasion, Prof. Dr. Ikrar Ahmed Khan said that the UF has completed 16 projects in support of Australia’s agricultural development and 11 AWESE projects are still underway. He said the UFF had strong partnerships with the University of Western Australia and the Austrian Center for Agricultural Research (ACIAR). He has 13 University Academic staff members with a PhD in Australia and 18 postgraduate degrees in Australia. He said strong cooperation in the agricultural sector will help fight common challenges and benefit from each other’s experiences.

According to Dr. Ikrar, the UF has designated 13 agro-ecological zones in Pun-Najab based on rainfall patterns, soil fertility, water quality and availability, temperature and soil texture, etc.

“We need to focus on water-saving crops,” he said. He thought Pakistan was far behind in cheese production. “We have to focus on value addition and process,” he added.

According to ACIAR General Manager, Dr. Munawar Kazmi, the focus is on agriculture, mango and citrus, animal husbandry, agricultural policy, fruit and water management. He said various AWF projects in the UFF are expanding across the country. He said agri-tourism should be promoted for agricultural development.

Dr Sadiq Kadamot, from the University of Western Australia, said he had partnered with the UF ten years ago and that the UF had been making a significant contribution to Agri’s rise.

Earlier, the High Commissioner called on US Deputy Chancellor, Prof. Ikrar Ahmed Khan, to discuss areas of mutual interest. He also chaired a meeting of deans and directors, and met with members of the Australian faculty, who were Australian graduates.

Dr. Aman Ulah Malik, Director of Fruit and Vegetable Development, also spoke at the event.

The High Commissioner visited various Australian research projects and planted seedlings.

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