Australian Politics Live News – New Covi Restrictions in New SSV, Victoria Launches Vaccine

Welcome to the third week of spring parliamentary sessions, which seems to be different from what was originally planned.

Considering travel restrictions across the country, the seat shows only members of parliament who have been in Canberra (and remain in key positions).

Parliament is largely in place because the government has to correct the idea of ​​a sunset in some anti-terrorism bills (the phrase sunset is not new, but the government has not debated and passed the law until the last seat. Enough time to deal with it properly).

And, Scott Morrison And Anthony Albany Both are in the city, but most of their co-workers do not live.

After all, parliament is not the main game.

NSW is reviewing key lock rules as the case numbers hit 800. Vaccines in NSW look good, but not all of the LGs that officials are a little worried about.

As she battles the Delta epidemic in her own territory, Victoria begins to double its own vaccine pressure. Anti-lock-up protests did not help. Although not key, Queensland saw those protests. The ATC is locked out, but no one is feeling better in September than expected. The federal government, meanwhile, is still pushing for 70-80% of vaccination targets, but has faced opposition from states such as Qld, WA and Victoria if they do not open up to NSW.

When the day opens, we will bring you all the Kovis news, as well as the situation in Afghanistan and the parliament. you have Catherine Murphy, Sarah Martin, Paul Carp and Daniel Horst In Canberra Mike Bowers And Amy Remikis On the blog.

I (so far) made two bananas and some futs for breakfast with my two and a half coffees, so it will be fun.



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