You can thank Black Gardener Booker T. Whatley for your CSA.

Booker T. Whatley was a horticulturist and professor of agriculture at Tuscany University in Alabama. Tuskegee University Records Last spring, farms across the country saw an increase in demand for their CSA programs, enrolling subscribers and waiters at unprecedented rates. When families are sheltered at home and when farmers’ markets are closed or under tight … Read more

Acupuncture for beginners education is now available online

The Texas A&M Agrillif Extension Service is now offering an online program called “Aqupanics for Beginners.” Joe Masabasni, PhD, Texas A&M Agrillif Extension Service Vegetarian, Dallas, small-scale apparatus system. (Photo by Texas A & M. Agrillif) The program can be found at It costs $ 15. Once registered, participants can access the program for … Read more

Rockledge Gardens launches fourth certification prep class

Announced in a press release, the Rockwell Gardens will begin its fourth six-week preparatory course to help their FNGLA (Florida Seedling Growth, Farmers and Landscape Association) designate Florida Certified Gardener (FCHP). The 60-year-old family-owned garden center is part of an ongoing effort to grow a team of gardeners in Central Florida who can help with … Read more

Whitefield plant sales show acupuncture and horticulture program

Tim Davis, educational technician who helps run the aquaponics and horticulture program at Whitefield Elementary School, teaches seventh grade students Donovan Thompson (left) and Benjamin Sullivan (right) how to grow lettuce. (Nettie Hoagland photo)

Tim Davis, an education technician at Whitefield Elementary School who teaches acupuncture and horticulture, teaches seventh graders Donovan Thompson (left) and Benjamin Sullivan (right) salad. (Photo by Netie Hogland) For Whitefield Elementary School students in grades six through eight, the school’s acupuncture and horticulture program is reconnecting them with their agricultural community. “We live in … Read more

Limited Delivery Opportunity – 2021 Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust – Ornamental Garden Aids

Limited Submission Opportunity: Alfred P. Sloan Foundation – Creating Equitable Pathways to STEM Graduate Education

The Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust receives requests from organizations seeking financial support for ornamental horticulture projects. Vanderbill University may submit an application To the Gift Program. The Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust supports education and research in ornamental gardening. The faith seeks to support projects that support additional ornamental plants in organizations that have the following … Read more

One person – gardening is ‘political’ Irish famous gardener

Diarmed Gavin is a world-renowned gardener who won gold at the world-famous Chelsea Flower Show. He has designed numerous gardens throughout Ireland, England, Europe, China, and Africa. Appointed lawyer International Plant Health Year (IYPH) * UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Mr. Gavin before the United Nations World Bee Day About bees, nobles, and actually … Read more

Low enrollment completes the CATA Vegetable and Fruit Program

The Culman Environmental Technology Academy Horticulture / Flower Development Program will be closed at the end of this school year due to a decrease in the number of students enrolled in the program. According to CATA Principal Billy Trouman, environmental and regional workforce information, duplication of services in county schools, and enrollment concerns are key … Read more

Wipe your greenhouse lighting knowledge with these courses

Greenhouse producers interested in honing their product knowledge can now enroll in four summer classes at the Michigan State University Extension Online Knowledge Greenhouse Series. The courses offered are biotech crops. Greenhouse and garden lighting; Biological control for greenhouse producers; And floriculture root zone administration. The series is a great resource for greenhouse producers who … Read more