Automatic Zen Garden? This connected kinetic sand table is a modern pastime

There may be no other product that has much to do with how simple it looks and how good it is when used instead of the HoMedics Drift Kinetic Sand table. The basic premise is to roll in the sand to create small metal ball designs. The design of the first moment appeared on the sand, however, there was a moment when Aha felt a little like a shooting star in the night sky. It is like seeing a magical trick in a slow motion, but still not understanding how it works.

Draft works automatically rather than manually picking up a rock or sand garden. The Active Health Device connects to a mobile device via Bluetooth and can download a variety of designs. Using it seems like the ability to print in sand.

I first came across the idea of ​​a kinetic sand table idea in a Dope Tech video on YouTube M.KBHD. It had a larger and more expensive version. HoMedics Drift is a smaller and more affordable option for living in a living room, bedroom or small business.



  • Fifty-plus styles to choose from
  • Ability to design playlists and design features to keep Drift running all day


  • There are no custom sand designs
  • Even the smallest 16 inches can be large for some homes.

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What does a kinetic sand table do?

The styles that Drift can create cover a wide range of styles and visual aesthetics.
Tyler Hayes

Out of the box, some configuration is required for Drift, but it is small. It is necessary to pour the sand into a bowl before adding the metal ball and placing the glass lid on top. Once the device is set up and plugged into power, it must now connect to the mobile app available for iOS. (Android version coming soon.)

When he first made power, Drift began to create a pure circular pattern. It was a beautiful display, and he was doing nothing more than rolling the ball in and out of the circle. (For those curious, the magnet above pulls the ball into the sand.)

Homedics Slide
The Drift app allows you to control the speed at which the design is created.
Tyler Hayes

The Drift Mobile app is the main control point on the device and connects to your phone via Bluetooth. The app allows you to select sand patterns and light colors around the edge of the sand table. You can also control the speed at which the patterns are created and the brightness of the light – and let the light “breathe” (pulses).

To roll a metal ball, you simply need to select a pattern and then tap play. Once completed, the design will remain until another one is selected. There is also a playlist feature that will start with a new design as soon as the sandbox is finished. This allows it to move and create continuously without any direct control.

Using a Homedix Sliding Sand Table

Homedics Slide
Light color is completely controlled by the app and can be configured to change automatically.
Tyler Hayes

Draft comes in 16-inch and 21-inch versions. Even the 16-inch white sand table I tried was huge. You must have a special place to live. Another consideration for the location is the power cord running behind it. Although cool in the middle of the room, only a thick cord running across the floor will not work.

I put the draft next to the record player, and it fits nicely into this old music listening system. Initially, I set the color light every 60 seconds to the pulse. The novelty of that lighting combination has passed quickly, but I understand that changing the color and color of the lamp has a real impact on the look and feel of the patterns. After a while, I found myself touring myself to find a warm color for most uses.

Drawing at night can act as a light source. It is not bright enough to be a lamp for the whole room, but it does illuminate large areas.

Homedics Slide
The light on the Drift’s outer ring shows the pattern even at night.
Tyler Hayes

On my first day of use, I tapped into a dozen designs. It is addictive to watch the little sphere rotate and to bring complex designs to life. Homedx keeps the device healthy. It is thought that looking at it promotes intelligence and a sense of calm. I can see how Draft works for some people. For me, there was very little about stability and clean jewelry. It is modern and easy enough to integrate, but with light, it can attract as much attention as you want.

I had no problem running the device day by day. I’m not sure it will be used for a long time, but now that little ball will continue to plow in the sand. It is enough to run all day. I can’t hear the pattern being created unless the room is quiet. When the room was completely quiet, my daughter’s small voice sounded like light rain. This level of sound is completely private in the bedroom.

There is no limit to the number of new patterns I can make to make a draft work. I currently count 51 designs. I think this number is absolutely good. It would be nice to have more in the app in the future, and the company says more will come, but I think people will be satisfied with the difference now, even if that never happens.

It should be noted that there is still no way to create custom sand designs. Despite this feature, I’m not sure if I would like to spend more time creating custom templates. It still seems natural to be able to use the sand from your phone one day.

Do you need to buy a homemade drafts?

Homedics Slide
Even during the day, the light feature is visible and helps to illuminate the created design.
Tyler Hayes

To some extent, the HoMedics Drift does not work. It is a blank page that is changing. On the other hand, the tool offers many warnings about some basic philosophies.

I did not expect to be impressed by Homedx at this kinetic sand table, but I was amazed. I hope you enjoy it as much as you do.

Shop at HoMedics for $ 349.99.

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