Avocado and Banana Digital Marketing Strategy Campaign Launched

Horticulture earned more than $ 153 billion in foreign exchange by 2021. Avocados grossed over $ 17 billion. These revenues put Kenya 6thWe And 112We To export avocados and bananas in the world in order.

Despite this remarkable achievement, Kenya did not use its full potential to export only 10 percent of our avocado and less for bananas.

The Avocado and Banana Value Chain are undoubtedly the most important economic crops that should be budgeted by all stakeholders, both public and private.

Kenya Consortium (FBC Kenya) with the support of USAID has developed a digital marketing strategy to enhance the visibility of Kenyan avocados and bananas at KCDMS with the support of USAID. The strategy seeks to use digital tools to better connect with the global market, improve information dissemination, change customer perceptions and improve access to Kenyan avocados and bananas in the global marketplace.

After launching this digital marketing strategy and campaign, we are focused and determined to increase market share in EU countries, UK, Middle East, Korea, India and China.

To grow the market and achieve our desired and great goals, we need to grow quality avocado and banana production and develop and maintain high quality post-harvest handling facilities and processes. Avocados should be marketed at a quality DM of 24% and above.

High-quality branding, standardization, display and maintenance of waterproof monitoring systems, and the ability to communicate the best weather and deliver our products to the market on time are just a few of the efforts we need to integrate efficiently and effectively. These value chains.

The dynamic and unique needs of our existing and new markets present equally challenging challenges and opportunities for Kenyan farmers and exporters. Satisfying our domestic and international users.

In the face of numerous challenges to these two values, it has partnered with the Foreign Ministries of Kenya, France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, Korea, the United Arab Emirates, India and the Embassies. China is expected to triple its exports in the next four years.

In collaboration with Kenya Airways, we have been able to bring our products to market in a timely manner.

I would like to thank you in a special way through USAID through USAID, and it will go a long way in developing this strategy that will help us to expand our domestic and export markets. Useful solutions for all stakeholders in these value chains.

Finally, I would like to thank the Center for Business Innovation and Training (CbiT) for helping us develop this strategy and call on other partners and stakeholders to join us and grow these value chains.

FBC Kenya assesses the need to promote and enhance the production and export of these value chains.

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