Avocados use federal aid for export programs

With some federal government funding, access to overseas markets has been made a little easier.

Avocado Australia has donated $ 109,176 under the PASE Extension Program to help two avocado growers complete new export opportunities and reduce export costs.

$ 79,200 has been provided for the development of online export registration, mapping and data collection platform.

An additional $ 29,976 has been provided to produce educational materials for farmers seeking access to the Japanese and New Zealand markets.

Agriculture Minister David Littleprud said the support will help the industry expand into new markets and gain “new fans around the world.”

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“Avocados Australia’s new resources clearly show what avocado growers and wholesalers need to do to meet Japanese and New Zealand avocado import requirements,” said Mr. Littleprud.

These resources also remain relevant as they are designed to accommodate future expansion into new markets.

“The new online avocado registration system project will facilitate export recognition to improve data collection consistency, tracking and transparency.

This leads to faster recognition, increased compliance, increased subscriptions, and reduced administrative costs.

According to Josh Franceschi from the Avocado Collective, there is a pool of farmers who are interested in exporting their avocados to Japan and they are assisting with their registration.

Mr. Franchechi said, “The successful PASE project was very good at explaining the requirements and providing very clear information to save a lot of time.

We will now ship to Japan for a few years and the application process will always be done manually.

The new online enrollment program, developed through the successful PASE project, provides a one-stop online solution for digitally collecting and uploading all necessary information.

According to the 2019/20 Australian Horticultural Statistics Manual, Australia exports 4051 tons of avocados, representing 4.63 per cent of the 87,546 tons produced.

Malaysia and Singapore are Australia’s largest avocado export markets.

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