Avoid these common garden mistakes

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The whole idea that some people with “green thumbs” are naturally better at growing plants than others brings gardening more opportunity than skill. But just as they did with the information they received from the elementary school science department, they just tried to get their hands on a garden I can tell you, that is far from the truth.

There are more things to do than growing and caring for plants than most people realize — which is why many beginners make the same mistakes before learning where to go wrong and how to fix it. Here are some of the most common gardening mistakes you can make:o Help them not to repeat themselves.

Ignoring the soil

Whether you are growing a houseplant or starting a garden in your backyard, The type of soil you use Issues For those who live at home, it is a matter of buying the right clay soil for your plants. But if you plan to plant seeds or seedlings on the ground, at least—Check the pH of the soil And then adjust it accordingly.

Error finding the location

If you buy seeds or seedlings, there should be information Special circumstances The plant must grow and develop. These usually include information on whether the plant needs full or partial sunlight, low temperatures, and other weather-related information. Do not ignore these guidelines and try not to overdo it — although that means changing your landscape plans.


If you are a fan of that lush variety, the dense variety of different colored flowers that grow at different heights are all in one place – making you think it is a wild flower – you may be tempted to plant it. The flowers are very close.

And while viewing, that can bring out the best in you (first, at least), Plants You do not like living in crowded places., And, at some point, the most dominant plants begin to take over the area. Instead, read the instructions for growing the plant and make sure you provide them.

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