AW junior earned the school’s only FFA degree

(Photo courtesy) Akron-Westfield’s Alexa Sweire recently earned her own FAA Iowa degree. During the 2021-2022 school year, Sower was the only recipient for the region.

AKRON – Akron-Westfield High School Junior Alexa Sweire was recently awarded the FFA Iowa Degree at the Iowa FFA Leadership Conference in Ames.

According to JaCee Hogue, a consultant with Akron Westfield Agricultural Education / FFA, FFA members are in the process of applying for the award.

“I applied for this award at the beginning of the year. My consultant, Ms. Hog, and I worked hard to put all my minutes on the record and we filled in a lot of information,” Swayer said.

“When I found out she had a degree in Iowa, I was so proud of Alexa. It was great to see her being recognized because of her application and knowing how hard she had to work on it, ”said Hog.

“This award is something I have spent many hours doing and what I enjoy doing, and at the end of the day it is not about getting a reward for it but about showing that you have worked hard for yourself and others,” Swoyer said.

Eligible FFA members meet minimum participation requirements in all three-circle model classes: class SAE, FFA and class / laboratory.

“When choosing SAE, we try to ensure that students get what they want,” says Hog. “For example, we had chickens in the classroom and by doing so he encouraged Alexa and other members to work with our school chickens.”

Good Balance Law

Swoyer always has two SAE projects running simultaneously.

“I help my uncle on the farm and I take care of the cattle and the fence. At the same time I was breastfeeding but the state said baby care is no longer counted.” I feed and water them every day, I collect eggs, and then I usually bring the eggs to the school teachers’ living room on Fridays and Mondays, and we clean the poultry 1-2 times a week and put in new beds.

Permanent FFA route

Swoyer’s involvement with the FFA began when she was in 8th grade.

“I took up a bachelor’s degree in elementary school and took a degree in botany and soil science and horticulture as a high school student. I took my first semester food and now I am running a business,” she said.

She spends a lot of time on the chapter and its activities.

“I was recently elected President of our Chapter in March and before that I was the author of our chapter. I joined my 8th grade and enjoyed every minute of it. I have been involved in committees, our horror festivals, foster care, fruit sales, meetings, job interviews, omelet breakfasts, tractor-tracing and clearing the show in chapters. ”

Acknowledgments along the way

She received the Star Green Hand Award for her elementary year and received the Star Section Award as a high school student. She was the only member of AW to apply for an Iowa degree this year.

“I always knew I wanted to be in the FFA because I was growing up and I loved working on the farm and at the time I thought FFA was only for farmers. I would like to thank my former adviser Randy Crocce for giving me that opportunity.

Unfortunately, that year was cut short by Covd.

“My second year was very busy and I learned a lot. I realized that FFA is not for farmers, it is for everyone. You do not need to know anything about farming to enjoy your time in the FFA chapter,” said Swayer.

Build her skill set

During this time she developed leadership skills, communication skills, and grew up as a person.

“In my first year, I competed in the conduct of meetings and was president. That taught me how to be calm because I can’t be calm when most people see me. We have reached the district but we have not been able to enter the region, ”she said. “I applied to be a second-year student to demonstrate my leadership skills. To become an officer, you must interview the alumni. When I heard what I had to do, I was afraid. But the FFA taught me good leadership and communication skills and I knew I could do it; “She continued.

She later met the author of the chapter. She was now not only an officer but also an interviewer for Job.

“I went to the districts for a job interview but I could not work due to a disagreement with the staff during the competition,” she said.

As a teenager, she ran for state board and won state gold.

“I also received an Iowa degree this year as President of our Chapter. So, we all participate together, to compete, to learn leadership skills, to learn communication skills and to meet new people. There are more than 18,000 members in the FFA, and some of these people may be close friends, ”she said.

Setting her up for success

Swoyer’s future plans include attending SDSU at Brookings and Pharmacy.

“My FFA experience will help me a lot in my future because I am using my leadership skills and communication skills to help better people and do what I want to achieve,” she said. “The FFA has taught me a lot about hard work because it takes a lot of time and good management. This is very helpful in college because college is a time for everyone.”

Hog added, “I was thrilled to see her as an example for her classmates to encourage them to work hard and keep a good record.

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