Back! The Sanders County Exhibition begins today

One year after Covi-19 left the Sunder County show, everyone is stepping up to the 2021 show, which kicks off today.

Carnegie in the Clark Fork demolition derby and three-night rodo highlight this year’s event.

The demolition derby will take place at 5pm on Sunday, with the top six runners-up in the main competition. The winner takes home $ 10,000, $ 7,500 goes second and $ 3,500 goes third. Fourth place earns $ 2,500, fifth place $ 1,000, and sixth place $ 500.

The Wyoming Flour River Rhode and the Oklahoma DHH Cattle Company will present the shares and the Rhode Patriots know what this means – a big step in the arena. Three bulls from D&H Cattle have won five PPR World Championships.

Rodeo action will begin on Thursday at 7pm with bullfighting, the Women’s Pro Rodeo Association barrel race and the slaughter of young lambs.

The rally will begin at 11:00 am on Saturday.

The Sunder County 4-H ambassadors dance at the 4-H tent is open to the public from 8 p.m.

More than two dozen food and beverage sellers will have plenty to choose from for a fair fair go hungry, and more than 100 vendors will have plenty to choose from.

Free shuttle bus runs from Field Senior Center Friday through Sunday.

Ticket prices for Rodeo, demolition derby, parking and carnival are here.

For Rhode, Thursday through Saturday, total admission tickets are $ 20 for adults 19 and over each night. Tickets for 11-18 year olds cost $ 15 per night. Children 10 and under are free to travel with an adult.

Seating tickets for the grand prize are $ 25 per night. Seat hooks cost $ 30 per night.

For those planning to watch the three Rodeo nights, the first package is $ 75 and includes a large lounge seat and a general parking pass. The second package is $ 150 and includes two large seats and one general parking pass.

Tickets for Sunday’s demolition derby, white chair, drink or non-drink are $ 20. Seat tickets, drinks or non-alcoholic tickets are $ 30. Collecting, drinking, tickets for the chimney is $ 35.

Carnival wrist bands cost $ 35. Parking is $ 10 a day or $ 30 a week. Accessible parking is located north of the park.

Tuesday, August 31

10pm – 8pm – Judging at art, craft, photography, sewing and needlework exhibitions

Wednesday, September 1

10 am-8pm – Entry into food arts, flower gardening and horticulture

From 6pm – Livestock, poultry and rabbit exhibitions

1pm – Start testing when animals (large and small) are overweight. This will be the weight of the sale.

7pm – Delivery deadline for all animals (large and small)

7pm – Potluk Barbeque

Thursday, September 2

9 am – 4 -H Horse Show / Interviews

10 AM – Bull Interviews

10 a.m. – Judging for food arts, flower gardening and fruit and vegetable exhibitions

1pm – Pig interviews

1pm – Rabbit interviews

2pm – Poultry interviews


4pm – Carnival rides are open

Goat / sheep interviews at 5 p.m.

7pm – Bull Riding, WPRA Women’s Barrel Racing and Youth Dead Busting

Friday, September 3

Pictures of market animals are taken after each show.

9 a.m. – Pig Show

10 am-4-H quiet auction begins at the House-AC building

1pm – Goat / Sheep Show

2 p.m. – Rabbit Show

3pm – cat show and interviews

4pm – Poultry display

7pm – PRCA Rodeo

Saturday, September 4

Pictures of market animals are taken after each show

10 a.m. – Bull Show (Meat and Livestock)

11 a.m. – Fair parade

11:30 am – Open Class Bull Judge

3pm – Small Animal Round Robin Show – (Rabbit, Chicken, Goat and Cat)

4pm – Large Animal Round Robin Show – (Horse, Bull, Sheep and Pig)

5pm – Meeting of Animal Supervisors

7pm – PRCA Rodeo

8-11 pm: Sanders County 4-H Ambassadors Dance, 4-H Tent

Sunday, September 5

9am – 4 -H Awards presentation – Arena Show

10 a.m. – 4-h market share sale

A quiet auction ends at 2pm – 4pm

5pm – demolition derby

Midnight – Carnival rides are close

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