Back to the garden behind me and beyond … Southend snapper catches out of this world space shots

We all wondered what was happening in outer space, and how life on another planet or other galaxy might be different.

For most of us, we see constellations from the earth and occasionally a shooting star, but for the South Horn horn and Abba David Gladzin, 38, the views of space are completely different.

A member of the Eco Camera Club, from Westcliffe, Mobile Way and the International Space Station, in the backyard, uses amazing techniques on his cell phone.

Stars above the Hadig Castle

Mr. Glaudzin uses the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra to take over-exposed photos for 30 seconds alongside a Canon DSLR camera.

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He never used a telescope to use a rotating lens with a rotating lens.

He said: “It’s great to see the last photo.

“Occasionally, just to make a photo, to get hundreds of frames, I sat outside in the dark for more than three hours.

“The dark nights are darker, but the winter is better to see Milky Way.

Eco - David in the gardenDavid in the garden

“Sometimes it is difficult to get results from light pollution in Southend, but I am very happy with the result.

Sometimes I go farther, sometimes I go to Maldon or Bradwell to get my bullets.

David describes himself as a “complete amateur.”

The phone it uses has five built-in cameras to capture unreliable images from outer space.

He added, “I became really interested in astronomy, and what could happen there.

“Then I developed a passion for photography, so think about why I can’t combine them.”

His son, Oscar, seven, sometimes helps him understand what he likes on camera.

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