Barbara Strands says she once sent flowers from the garden before meeting Princess Diana

  • Barbara Streisand She talked about her friendship Prince Charles During an interview on ITV.
  • Streisand Charles – Before he met Princess Diana -I once sent her flowers from the garden.
  • The two met when Streisand enlisted in Warner Bros. in 1974.

Barbara Stresnd spoke of her recent friendship with the Prince of Wales, and he remembers sending her flowers once they met in 1974.

During an interview with ITV’s Lorraine on Thursday, Crescend spoke to host Ross King about her new album Release 2. Streisand by Warner Bros. She also spoke to the Prince of Wales during a recording session at Studios.

“He asked to meet me,” Streisand, 79, told the king. So he came to the recording studio. I drank tea and said, ‘Shouldn’t I be tested for poison or something?’

Streisand said that their friendship continued to grow and that she enjoyed spending time in Prince Charles’ private home in Highgrove Gardens.

In a recent interview with ITV, Barbara Stresnd recalled her friendship with Prince Charles.

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Streisand told the king: “We became friends, and I loved spending the weekend and spending some time in Hegrov in the gardens.

About that time, Charles visited London and gave Strasida a bouquet of flowers from his private garden. Strisand noticed a bouquet of flowers and asked her assistant, the musician.


“Who sent me?” I said. Streisand to the king. »[My assistant] ‘A fan named Charles.’ I said, ‘Really? Identify the note ‘- and it was the seal. And they were not from the flowers because they were from the garden and it looked different.

Stresnd added that the sign was made before Prince Charles met his late Princess Diana. In the late 1970’s, Prince Charles and Princess Diana met with Diana’s sister, Sarah Spencer.

Barbara Strands says she once sent flowers from the garden before meeting Princess Diana
Princess Diana and Prince Charles.

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When he came to see me, I had a very funny line on stage [my] “Streisand told the king.

In July, princes told the Sunday Times that Charles was a “great admirer” of Streddan.

“I will never forget her wonderful, wonderful talents, and her unique ability to draw and draw,” said Prince Charles.


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