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Hitting fragrant things – especially garlic, basil, parsley – is a great protection against depression.. ” Trudy Gray

Beautiful basil is fragrant, herb. The plant of the genus Osimum From the mint family Lamiyase. Naturally considered to be somewhat “adulterous”, it can have up to 160 species. Basil chemicals provide a wide range of scents, including cinnamon, cloves, tarragon, licorice, camphor, citrus, anise, mint, eucalyptus, and time. The most important are summer plants; He could not be happier when the weather was hot. Extremely susceptible to cold, the leaves taste delicious in summer. Easily combine flavored vegetables and fruits with cornecopia. Basil is a special treat for tomatoes, adding only squash, egg yolks, green beans, bell peppers, coconuts, melons and berries to beginners.

Pesto – green gold

Italian Icon Pesto alla Genovese Vegetable soup and the most popular use of basil. He It originated in the “Italian Riviera” of the Liguria region, which is famous for its development of the Genovez Basil DOP, or’s nickname. The word peso is a verb. pestare (“Pound”), a recipe from ancient Rome. Marble mortars and bark, garlic, basil, pine nuts, extra virgin olive oil and Parmigino (with a little pecorino) are used to reduce the creamy dough. Pesto adds amazing flavor to many dishes – even shrimp and grits!

Size issues

Genovez (Oh. Basilikum) It’s amazing with “sweet basil” – an interesting word – and it stimulates your cooking from pasto to cake. The leaves emit a fragrant scent of French tarragon, cinnamon and cloves. The taste and texture of basil grown in Liguria is extremely delicate. The young man is attracted to the whole plant when it reaches a height of 6 inches. The oval, bright green leaves are medium and small. In American gardens, Genovez usually grows to a large size.

Basil’s story: Snakes in the garden

Basil was born in tropical Africa and Asia. The name comes from Basilios“King” is Greek. For thousands of years, Basil has been recognized as a benefactor of mankind. Its essential oils have high antimicrobial and antifungal activity against bacteria and some fungi, but basil is more superstitious than any other plant. In the Greco-Roman period, scent and magic were intertwined, giving a divided personality; Some view Basil as a “devil’s plant.” If Basil is whipped and placed under a rock, it will give birth to scorpions! Take a basil whip, and scorpions will grow in your mind!

These fears may have been myths Basilisk – A dragon like a snake can easily kill, just like everyone else Harry Potter Fans know – and also the very real venomous horn with the king snake and hat. However, the Roman scholar Pliny the Elder believed that he had many positive qualities. Basil describes bite treatment… and view… Basilisk! “They swear at each other like lawyers,” writes English botanist Nicolas Colpeper. Despite its shortcomings, Basil is regarded as a powerful romantic beauty in many countries and is known as “Nicholas” (Basia-Nicola) In Italy, where it is similar to love.

Basil – All in a row!

The season to taste basil is short – choose two or three varieties to plant in a large garden pot or garden. Consider the differences in fragrance, taste, color, and size when choosing. Cut the basal stems regularly to prevent flowering. Once started, leaf growth stops and the taste decreases. The more you collect, the bushy and more prosperous the plants will be. There are many types of dietary supplements. Stir the leaves into the dishes during the last few minutes of cooking to preserve their flavor. Some options include:

Beautiful purple leaf basil (O. Basilikum var purpurascens) They have the properties of green basil and are rich in antioxidant compounds – a source of commercial food coloring. Genovez-like ‘King of Crimson’ has beautiful burgundy leaves and liqueur scent. Spicy fragrant branches in a pot of lemon or white wine vinegar; They wear a soft pink shade.

Many basil (Oh. Basilikum var. Clear) They have geranium-sized leaves and are fun to grow and eat. The fragrant leaves of Napolitano have strong, spicy, anise flavors and green, dense leaves that grow up to 5 inches. ‘Salad leaf’ has large, dense leaves but with a mild taste. Replace lettuce leaves, arrange, roll, roll or fill.

The “Queen of Fragrance” attracts butterflies and bees. Its sweet, mild, liqueur flavor is perfect. The piston – The difference between Pesto and Provence, France. This tiny basil creates a beautiful low fence for walkways.

Warm, spicy ‘cinnamon’ basil (Oh. Basilikum), Or has a cinnamon scent and flavor that complements Mexican basil, Mexican and Middle Eastern dishes. It grows on the International Space Station.

‘Siam Queen’ (Oh. Basilikum var thyrsiflora), He won the American election. Thai basil has a narrow, dense foliage and a fragrant foliage. It contains spices when cooked at high temperatures. Important in Thai cooking and Vietnamese soup PHỏ, Thai basil. By Horapa In Thailand.

Do you like lemons? ‘Mrs. Lemon Basil burns (Oh. Basilikum x citriodorum) Has large leaves that are very fragrant in lemon content; Just give them a little squeeze! The award-winning ‘Sweet Dani’ is especially rich in essential lemon-flavored and fragrant essential oils. It dries especially well.

In ancient mythology, the ancient Romans and Greeks firmly believed in the mysterious beauty of Basil – just like many modern chefs! Although it does not include scorpions and dragons, it can turn food into magical and sweet experiences.

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