Batavia Community Garden Flowers | Clermont Sun.

Among the items in the picture are photos of the Batavia community park in the village next to the masters.

By Brett Millam

In the village of Batavia at 377 E. Main St.

A small cliff from the Clermont Sun office, the garden boasts large sunflowers, with the motto, “To believe in the garden tomorrow.”

The garden is a small supply of common “garbage treatment”, and not only for the community in the village, but also for bees and butterflies.

Among the bricks, one can practice “crushing selfishness” and “the wisdom of the soul to the dust.”

The sign “To Help Your Neighbor’s Life Grow Flower”

The project is funded by Endunters Masters, Batavia Village and United Coffee Land owned by Nathan Thomas. Wesley Woods, a spokeswoman for the company, said they were pleased with the partnership earlier this year.

United Coffee Lands is an organic company that grinds Honduras coffee under the brand name “Coffee for a Reason”. The company donated coffee grounds, which greatly increased the value of the nutrients that could be added to the garden soil.

The United Coffees also agreed to donate two wooden picnic tables for events and community service.

Donna Aman previously told Sun.

Churches or organizations are asked to contact Aman at 513-732-1898 to harvest and / or deliver garden vegetables.

Anyone interested in participating, please contact Amann at the number above to discuss volunteer opportunities.

Plant and donations are welcome.

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