BBMP plans to revive Bengalgur tradition of naming bus stops behind trees

On the way to Bannerghatta Street, the Vega City Mall, one never noticed a bus stop called ‘Jedi Mara’, which means Cash Tree. Infrastructure projects are wreaking havoc on green spaces, underground trees are being planted, and the story behind the name of the bus stop has been forgotten. The Vrusha Foundation, a non-governmental organization, is planning to plant ten cash seedlings around the Jedi Mara bus stop, along with Brutat Bengalru Mahanagar Palike (BBMPM). The story behind the name of the bus stop is also kept in place.

“We will present the plan to the BBC and they will provide us with the necessary equipment and manpower to support the project,” said Vijay Nishan, project manager of the Vruksha Foundation. The word Jedi Mara is no longer used. You can see the similarity of this beautiful tradition of naming streets and bus stops behind trees and lakes. Be the Margosa Road or Sampege Road in Malshawaram and Hunasemara at Banashakari or Jedi Mara Stop, Aralmara and Chikalasandra. Now that we are losing green space, why not renew this tradition and encourage it to be planted?

Nishan said the project will start at the Jedi Mara bus stop with only one compensation tree left. Once the metro project is complete, we will look at nearby vacancies and plant more seedlings. In a few years, the area looks greener than it was ten years ago. We will extend the project to Hunsemera bus station in Banksankari, ”he said.

BBMP Special Commissioners, Fruit and Vegetation Development, Rainwater Drainage, Fruit and Lakes, Brady Shanker Babu told Synovic Express that the civic agency is supporting the project.

“It is important to renew the old tradition and inform the citizens about it. We provide metal fasteners to the group to protect the seedlings. “Any NGO or apartment association will have the support of the BBC.”


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