BBMP to plant 75,000 seedlings in the city, to build 5,000 filling wells

The initiative to celebrate the country’s 75th Independence Day was initiated by the brilliant Bengaldu Mahanagar Palike.

On the eve of Independence Day, Bruthat Benguluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) inaugurated two new initiatives – to plant 75,000 seedlings and create 5,000 rainwater harvesting wells in Bengalgur. These are in commemoration of the country’s 75th Independence Day. The tree planting project will be jointly run by BBMPM, the Department of Fruit and Vegetation and the Lakes Division. BBMP said in a statement that it would identify areas around lakes with 75,000 seedlings in the city.

He also said that 5,000 rainwater harvesting wells will be constructed in 1,200 parks in the BBMP region to save rainwater and rehabilitate groundwater. This initiative is being co-sponsored by BBMP and Bengalru, a US-based charity.

In a statement, BBMP said, “About 1,300 parks within the BBMP range will have rechargeable wells to conserve rainwater. For this, United Way Bengalru will scientifically drill 5,000 wells. Groundwater is replenished around the city to conserve rainwater, and the implementation of various BBMP restrictions will benefit those areas.

According to BBMP, there are already 24 such wells in Freedom Park, and six more wells will be built there.

BBMP said each well will be 12 feet deep and 4 feet wide and will hold approximately 4,000 liters of water. According to the municipality, a total of two liters of water can be saved through the initiative.

Earlier in March, the Karnataka government undertook a project in Cubon Park to create and open rainwater harvesting wells. The purpose of the project was to prevent the need to cut wells and to transport water to the park through tanks. When it came to the needs of fruits and vegetables, Cuban Park was built on its own.


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