Beatner to lead two orchard groups

Appleton’s Jim Beatner has been appointed interim executive director of the New York State Horticulture Society and the New York State Berry Growers Association.

Founded in 1855, the state horticultural community exists to serve the fruit industry. The current mission is to “teach, promote and protect the New York fruit industry.”

A.D. Founded in 1988, the Berry Growers Association is a non-profit berry educating group of all sizes.

The activities of these groups include the following: Facilitate communication between farmers, agronomists and educators, and inform farmers about control issues that affect farming and agriculture.

Regarding his appointment, Beatner said, “I am thrilled to be working with people I have known for decades in this new role.”

It contains 400 acres of fruit, including beetroot, beetle-singer orchids, apples, peaches, cherries, plums and apricots. His two sons, Kevin and David, joined him in farming.

Beatner is a member of the Niagara County Soil and Water Conservation Board and the Niagara County Agriculture Bureau. He is also the treasurer of the Barker Lions Club.

He is a former Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Horticultural Society, where he has been active in the Board of Trustees of the Agricultural Enterprises and the Institute of Agricultural Essentials, and is a former board member who oversees Niagara County Cornell Cooperative Expansion and the County Micro Enterprise Gift Program. .

Beatner has received numerous agricultural and business awards from the New York Agricultural Association, the Niagara County Chamber of Commerce of the Year, the National Senior Young Farmer, the Under-40 Buffalo Business First and Youngest Students. Cornell University School of Agriculture and Life Sciences.


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