Beautiful flowers and delicious vegetables in the village

The committee was relieved after 18 months of uncertainty and the cancellation of two spring shows and last year’s annual show.

There were a number of entries in the children’s rooms and in the youth gardening room, including a good show.

The village’s greenery and monument are filled with visitors from New York and the surrounding area.

The Family Dog Show attracted many entries, and the sun shone and people enjoyed a craft, cooking, flowers, fruit and vegetable displays and enjoyed a homemade cake piece.

The Category Association also presented a colorful display

Committee member Kate Falconer said: “The community was very happy to welcome the village after our long-standing traditional events – and it was especially nice to see new kids come in. We want to ensure a bright future for the society that is approaching its 200th year.

• Kevin Dunton – Open Tournament (highest number of points in the show)

• Roy Sponder – Top Vase

• Steve Sanders – Everest Cup (Best Vegetable Tray)

• Linda Faul – Celestial Cup (Best Flower Showcase)

• Jenny Walton – Doris Wilkin Cup (Top Points in Cooking)

• Vick Marshall – Jack Kella Memorial Cup (Best Non-Garden Exhibition)

• Sophie Saunders – Bailey Cup (Craft Age 0-4) and Morris Grover Cup (Junior Garden)

• Ewan Deans – Brown Cup (Crafts Age 5-8)

• Popo Falconer – Hilda Wood Cup (Crafts Age 9-12) and The Faulke Cup (Best Junior Exhibition)

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