Beautiful gardens illuminate Kus Bay

August 16 – Throughout its year-round growth, Oregon’s Coast Province is a major real estate destination for gardeners.

But having the right climate is the first step in getting a garden that grows oats and ashes from friends and neighbors.

Linda Johnson knows that. During a garden tour at the Customs Bay Garden Club, she opened her yard to the public on Saturday and heard a lot of Oh and Aha. But those who took part in the visit did not know how much the flower worked to create a paradise.

“We’ve been working on this since 2011,” Johnson said. Begonia and Geranium do the best here. At least they do it for me. That is trial and error.

Experimentation and error can be key in the area of ​​Cushing Bay. Johnson lived in the Empire before moving home from Newark Avenue. Just a few miles, he said, has made a difference in growth and development.

“I love my flowers,” Johnson said. “I want something to bloom all year long. You can keep the pansies and hydrangeas going.”

Johnson said she was willing to go further to find the perfect flowers. She finds many flowers locally, and says they often travel to Florence for the perfect plant.

One of the areas he helped has been involved with the Kus Bay Garden Club. She was a member of the group for six years and learned a lot from others.

“We usually have a speaker at every meeting,” she said. People from your orphanage will talk to you. She is a member of the Lady of Petal to Metal Nursery, and is really helpful and informative about many things.

And by learning, Johnson created a garden that was much envied. During the tour, dozens of people – more than 50 in the afternoon – marched through the courtyard, admiring flowers, shrubs and vegetables growing in the greenhouse.

Johnson answered questions, helping guests learn when to plant, how to fertilize and avoid wildlife. And she loved it.

“I enjoy sharing this with people,” she said. You do all the hard work and you want to share it with people.

Her advice for those looking for a garden?

Keep it simple and know what is growing locally. Too much trial and error.

Janet Henry also toured the garden, sharing herbs and homemade pottery. Like many gardeners, she has a specialist, but she is worried about everything.

“My main focus will be advocates and just a little bit here and there,” said Henry.

She says that being a gardener helped her to grow plants.

He said he would like to share his experiences with other members about growing plants. We learn from each other. Sharing and having someone have the same interest in flowers and plants. It’s good to be part of a group of people who really love each other.

During the garden visit, Henry was selling some of your pottery, often with plants that could be seen on them. She said she learned to love pottery in high school and that she could eventually try it.

She says that now I have a little more time to do things. I went to North Bend High School and took a 12th grade class.

Kus Bay Garden Club hosted the visit as a way to raise funds for the scholarship. The club has also been involved in the purchase of gardening books for the local library, support for Habitat’s Human Landscaping Project and fundraising for other projects to celebrate National Garden Week in Shore Acre State Park.

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