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The flower garden at the corner of South Main and Cherry Streets can be said to be one of the most beautiful places in the air, but the purpose of bilateral pollen does not seem to be appreciated by everyone – a review of recent destructive acts.

A honeymoon on the back of one of the two gardens on the site, adjacent to the main building south of the municipal building, was designed for those events.

Paul Madren, chief beekeeper, who has been involved in pollen gardening since its inception in 2019, said:

Madre also reports that the hive has been overturned several times.

As a result, the bees were in a constant state of turmoil, which led to the decision to remove the beehives from the garden for safety reasons. Madrena announced on Wednesday that passers-by feared for their safety.

The hive can accommodate a colony of 50,000 bees.

“I think we need to get rid of the hive for the safety of everyone,” said Madder, who was told Wednesday or Thursday.

This means that a key part of the flower garden, which promotes the survival of plants and agriculture, is missing from the site.

“We have to reduce the display of our city in our beautiful gardens,” he said.

“A Game for Them”

The origin of the pollen garden – considered a real community effort – dates back to In 2017, funding was provided for a garden tour by Ermi Blues, the city’s three garden clubs. These include garden gates, modern gardeners and mountain views groups.

For garden plans It became official in 2018 and the club members developed the site in the spring of 2019, joined by mountaineering parks and recreational landscaping staff and was led by the city’s gardener Mi Michela Huff.

It has a beautiful place adorned with species such as “Sunflowers”, “Zinnius” and “Marigolds,” which are “excellent pollen,” and since then the display has been carefully preserved.

Such gardens contain honey bees, butterflies, and other pollen and other non-invasive plants involved in the pollen process.

In North Carolina, under the direction of some of the so-called beekeepers, a local display was set up to promote the importance of honeycombs.

He has been involved in the craft since 1959 and in recent years has sponsored local education in Dobson by sponsoring the Suri County Beekeepers Association and the AC Cooperative Office.

When bees or other pollinators move from flower to flower in search of pollen, the pollen never spreads to the female parts of the flower. Only developed plants can produce fruits and seeds and without pollen, plants cannot reproduce.

Distortion of balance

However, recent atrocities have served as a key element of that equality with the removal of the beehive.

On the morning of Sunday, August 1, he noticed for the first time that the hive had been overturned, prompting him to return to his garden.

“They turned it around on Sunday night,” said Marere, a total of four.

“The police and citizens have advised me to return to the hive,” he said. They rotate it every time.

The ongoing problem of relocation and subsequent safety concerns led to a painful choice to eliminate the bee sting.

“The bees are very upset,” he said.

He does not know whether children or adults are involved, and what their motivation might be.

“Maybe it was just a game for them,” Madder said Wednesday. Turn the hive, run away from anger, and then say, “Look at what I did.”

“It must be the true work of Mako.”

Mading says one would be extremely cunning for no reason, ridiculously on Mount Erie – a bee city registered with the North Carolina State Beekeepers Association.

He compared the destruction of the Grace Moravia Church in recent months to the futility and futility.

It’s like throwing rocks through the windows in the church.

With the loss of natural flowering sources, the biggest losers will be impressed by the flower display and its winged inhabitants.

“The hive in the pollen garden is a treasure trove and we will enjoy our beautiful city on foot,” he said.

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