Belt Brewery Gardening Officer and dignitaries

If you walk 20 minutes east of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, you will find Brew Gentlemen, a small town with a population of 2,000 people. The brewery in the former power supply depot is in the shadow of Edgar Thompson’s works – the first basement was built by Andrew Carnegie.

They rarely see their beers outside of Pennsylvania, so grab it if you can (as much as I can). However, if you live in Keystone State, shipping will be provided throughout the state.

The brewery has 15 taps, one of which stands out. They are best known for their main beer – General Braddock – with a strong 6.8% ABV in the US. Named Beer (with the city where the brewery is located), the real-life British general, Edward Braddock, fought and was killed in the French-Indian War. During his travels, George Washington, a young man, served as a volunteer officer. Four 12-ounce cans can cost $ 11 to buy from a brewery, so this is a very affordable option.

The beer spilled bright, but dull, golden-orange color and a large amount of head. More than two fingers pressed the soft, egg-white foam to boiling and slowly fading into a small crust around the edge of the glass. No matter how thick the bubbles are, the glass is sometimes lightly glued to the glass.

On the nose, General Braddock was soft and warm, and some dull hopy notes appeared. She was dripping with ripe mangoes and peas, as well as a small amount of honey, tangerines, and other lime notes. Underneath the fruit was a small pine tree and some grass. But it was a very sweet and fragrant baptism.

My first drink began with a very oily mouth and a touch of carbon dioxide on my tongue.

The soft texture of this mattress pad was slow to taste for a moment or two, but slowly, they began to move forward. The Mango and Passover fruit waves begin with the Light Hop Ting. The combination of those early fruits was a characteristic of light melon and a stripe of orange and lemon.

In the middle, hops add a little touch with some olive oil and a little grassy texture. However, the taste of hot fruit has always remained under SIP control; It leads the way from beginning to end.

General Braddock’s tips were slightly dry, and the glue stuck to my tongue and lasted for a minute or two before the light grapes disappeared.

If you get this beer, do it. Four cans were not enough, so I started looking for more. If I could, I would stick this beer cakes with my home water supply so I could bathe in this delicious IPA.

It was simply delicious.

No other words are needed.

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