Berkshire Plant Executive Director takes a two-year break, appointed interim leader

STOCKBRIDGE – Berkeley’s botanist Michael Beck is taking a two-year vacation in the UK, according to a press release.

Beck will be accompanying my husband – a corporate lawyer with a technology background “across the pond” – from September to 2023.

Michael Beck is sitting in the garden

Michael Beck, executive director of Berkshire Vegetation, has been taking a two-year leave of absence since September.

During that time, Beck’s work will be carried out by Tadeus Thompson, the next interim executive director. Thompson served as director of institutional development at the Tower Hill Botanic Garden in Boleston. He is also a board member of the Massachusetts Cultural Association, which oversees gardens at Elm Bank in Wales. After a search for a candidate by members of the BBG Board of Trustees, Thompson presented the position.

“[Thompson] He has emerged as a top candidate for a number of reasons, ”said Board Chairman Matt Larkin. His skills come to us, Mike is on vacation and ready to start the first phase of the exciting new master plan to grow the garden.

“I am very grateful that he wanted to keep me and do everything he can to find a temporary solution,” Beck said in a statement. “I was working with Thaddeus in the summer to prepare for the transition; It is comforting to know that I can leave Paradise in my hands during my vacation. It will be a great asset to the BBC. ”

Beck Leonardt Galleries has been in charge of Music Garden for eight years, overseeing the creation of the Garden of Eden, and has successfully opened the grounds without causing complete damage to the staff, along with layoffs, and successfully led the epidemic.

Finding competent leadership means finding a candidate who is interested in temporary and long-term employment. For Thompson, it fits perfectly with his professional background and personal interests.

“Growing up in a family with a passion for gardening and winemaking, it is a privilege to work in the orchard over the past decade,” he said in a statement. I grew up in the region and I have deep roots here, so I am very happy to help the BBC in this next phase of development. He is the true pearl of Berkshars.

Thompson works in isolation, with full executive powers, and he regularly seeks to communicate with Beck.

“This is a win-win situation for both Mike and Thaddeus,” said Larkin. “By visiting gardens in the UK and Europe, creating new relationships that will enhance our educational offerings, Taddees will use his vast skills and experience to lead our garden into a new era of growth. We are thrilled to be offering this opportunity for two unique talents and we know that the BBC is very useful.


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