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Two years later, Bowling Green FFA members, parents and community supporters attended the 91st annual Bowling Green FFA celebration.

The Bowling Green FFA season was an opportunity to celebrate not only in Ohio but also in the country. The banquet included food and awards ceremony. This year’s banquet was held at the Nazareth Hall.

The awards ceremony began with the announcement of honorary degrees and a total of three degrees were awarded. The first recipient was Austin Fibercorn. Fiebelkorn is a former member of the Bowling Green FFA Chapter. For the past 6 years, he has voluntarily supported the FFA chapter by volunteering his time and equipment to install and assemble the Agriins Land Laboratory. The chapter appreciates Fiebelkorn’s help in providing a useful learning tool for our members.

The second recipient was Mark Wensink. Wensink has played a key role in organizing the County County Fair Tractor Competition over the years. Wensink not only organizes the use of tractors for the race but also volunteers time to judge. Mr. Wensink is proud to be a member of our chapter and an honorary member.

Doug Labori was named honorary member this year. Laboratory provides the time and equipment for the Wood County Fairgrounds. With its help, the chapter can pay the appropriate tax to those who name chairs.

This year’s Blue and Gold Awards have been awarded to Bowling Green High School Superintendent Austin Ludeke. Ludeke is one of our most important supporters, to prepare and disrupt many of our FFA events. Many FFA events would not be possible without Ludeke’s help.

The ceremony also allowed the chapter to recognize the winners. Qualifications awards are given to members to recognize highly accredited agricultural experience projects. Kennedy Hendrix wins Agricultural Communications and Sheep Awards. Both MJ Walters and Nathan Harris received the Agricultural Mechanical Repair Award. Nathan also won the DivideFide Agricultural Prize. Members Peton Bosworth, Arika Adams and Emma Walker won the Ag Processing Award.

The winner of the Ag Sales Award was Gretchen Germann. She also received the Diversified Horticulture Award. Bryce Ebersbach has been awarded the Ag Services Award. The Bull Production Award, sponsored by Brian and Stasi Anderson, was presented to Madison Carillo and Henry Straw. The dairy award was presented by members Lani Crawford, Eddie Eshdor and Tyler Bowon. Eston Shiek wins Divide Stoke Award

Amanda Mantel receives Forest Management and Products Award. He received the goat production awards at Kenzi Spangenberg. Brian Tusking and Arika Adams received the Landscaping Award. Both Wyat Bechstein and Zack Bechstein received poultry awards.

Jacob Bagrovsky won the Service Education Award. Dr. Thomas won the Sheep Award. The small animal production and care awards were received by McKenzie Huntor. Emma Ferguson received a special crop. The last prize was won by Alex Lorraine in Turf Grass Management.

This year’s new prize is the Jamie Belville Bull Prize. Jamie Belville was a four-year member of the Bowling Green FFA and held the presidency for most of 1964-1965. Farming was a big part of his life, and he and his brother Mike owned a family farm. They owned beef ranchers and owned a meat processing plant and a retail market at Bevelil Brothers Market in Bowling Green. Jamie is honored to have won the Beef Project at the Wood County show in support of the Bowling Green FFA member. The Jamie Belleville Beef Award is a $ 300 scholarship for eligible students. This year’s winner of the Jamie Belville Biff Award was Nathan Harris.

Chapter Star Winners: Back Row (L to R): Gretchen Germann, Nate Harris, Brian Tussing, Addi Naus, Kaylee Bishop; Front row (L to R)’s Emma Walker, Kennedy Hendrix, Arika Adams

The members were awarded a chapter prize. These are awarded to the most outstanding members in each of the awards categories.

  • The first-year members of the Star Green Coope, sponsored by Legacy Cooperative and Stacie Anderson, went to Ardie News and Kylie.
  • The Star County Agreements Award, sponsored by Wood County and Soil District, went to Kennedy Hendrix.
  • The Star Chapter Farmer Award, sponsored by Mark and Melissa Desmise, went to Nathan Harris.
  • The star-studded star-studded award, sponsored by Gene and Rita Clotz, was awarded to Greenland Germany.
  • The Ag Credit 110% Award is sponsored by Emma Walker for her hard work in this chapter.
  • The grand prize, sponsored by Mike and the late Mary Lu Sherzer, was presented to Arica Adams.
  • The Star Accounting Award went to Brian Tussing and was sponsored by Premier Bank.
  • The FFA Spirit Award is given to members of each grade level who excel in their efforts in the FFA. All of these awards are sponsored by Dr. John Hartman.

Freshman’s winners were Clare Tussing, Emma Thompson and Molly Ruttenberg.

Sophomore winners were Kate Suther, Edin Meyer, McKenzie Huntor and Garrett Bateson.

Junior winners were Lani Crawford, Madison Carillo, Audrey Guyman and Eston Schick.

The top winners were Amanda Mantel, Tyler Bowen, and Jacob Bagrovsky.

This year’s Senior Scholarship In 2022, the graduation class was awarded to seven incoming students. Bronze Scholarship awarded to Nathan Harris and Amanda Mantel. Silver Scholarships were awarded to Emma Walker, Kennedy Handrick and Brian Tusing. Finally, the Gold Scholarship was awarded to Arika Adams and the German Grecian.

2022-2023 BGFFA Officer Team (L to R) ፡ Thomas, Peitoon Bosworth, Kenny Spengeberg, Eddie Ishedor, Emma Ferguson, Linsay Essel, Hunter Sockman

The night of the BG FFAs 2022-2023 officer mobilization ends

  • President – Eddie Ishedor
  • Vice President – Emma Ferguson
  • Author – Linsay Essel
  • Treasurer – Peyton Bosworth
  • Reporter – Kenzie Spangenberg
  • Sentinel – Savior Sockman
  • Student Advisor – Dr. Thomas

The party is the last big FFA event for the school year, so it’s the last for seniors. It is unfortunate to see them go, they have all contributed significantly to the FFA chapter, and the new team of officers is ready to continue the tradition and take the bowling green FFA to the next level.

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