Bhopal: A new education policy will be implemented in 4 stages in Madhya Pradesh

BHOPALBy implementing the new Education Policy (NEP) 2020, doors are open for students to study outside of their chosen stream. It started with first-year students but has challenges that come with something new.

“A student can now choose music as a small subject with business as his main subject. At first glance, this might seem like a bit of an understatement. ”

The Minister of Higher Education, Mohan Yadav, agrees. “Such challenges may arise at first, but a committee has been set up to address them. For this purpose, students from other institutions are deciding how to open colleges, ”said Yadav.

One educator said that the real benefits of NEPA will be seen in schools. The transition could take up to five years for NEP to take place in real life. After that, he said, the education system must change.

‘New courses designed for NEP are job-oriented’

Minister of State for Higher Education Mohan Yadav Spoke to Shahroz Afridi Challenges and curiosity related to NEP 2020

How do you implement NEP in Media Parade?

We are the first state to implement NEP in this class. It will be implemented in four stages. This was the first chapter for Yuji’s first year students. New courses and modified curriculum for UG second year students will be introduced for third year and third graders next year. In the fourth year, they will be awarded a degree in research and UG. After that, graduation will be only one year.

Teachers and students are skeptical of NEP. Please comment

The provisions of the National Education Policy will be explained in detail to all stakeholders, especially first-year undergraduate students. Frequent questions have been asked to clarify these provisions. The committee will ensure that NEP 2020 is implemented effectively in the state and benefits all. Online and offline workshops are open for teachers to learn about NEP and its offerings.

Students worry about work. What do you have to say?

The new certification and diploma courses designed for NEP are job-oriented. In addition to developing skills that will enable them to find good jobs, the studies will help them to become entrepreneurs.

How do traditional lessons provide work?

The Higher Education Department has approved 459 courses in 117 government colleges in the state. All of these courses are work-focused. In addition, many colleges have started certification courses. We have organized courses in tourism, agriculture and horticulture.

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Published on: Sunday, September 05, 2021, 06:50 PM IST


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