‘Big Farmers’ Tour East Campus, Learn About Agriculture, Gardening, Landscape Design

Nine Nebraska high school students and their families attended June 30 at Nebraska-Lincoln University’s biggest development day. Participants were invited to the East Campus, part of the largest gardening competition in the summer.

Students visited the agronomical and horticultural department, including the Gardener’s Garden, Hops Garden, Plant Science, Greenhouse and Design Studio. Participants learned about plant propagation, hydroponics, field sensor equipment, and landscape design.

“Participants had a great time working on the home distribution kit, the lunch hydroponics system, and the landscape design of their dreams,” said Stasi Adams, associate professor of operations in agronomy and horticulture. It is wonderful to see such young people showing such interest in gardening.

The big growth competition gives Nebraska high school students the opportunity to learn how to start their own garden and small business. Students plant, grow, produce, harvest, and distribute their own fresh special crops in gardens or containers. Participants are randomly placed in imaginary groups, with one group selected as the main producer at the end of the competition. Each team member will receive a $ 50 Amazon gift card.

Each participant in the program received a T-shirt and the “New Gardener’s Book” for the 2021 New Year’s Garden at the New York Vegetable Garden. High school junior and senior participants will have the opportunity to apply for up to $ 1,000 in agronomy and horticulture classes.

The competition will start on May 10 and end on August 6. Once all the information has been entered and reviewed, the largest parent group will be released on September 4.

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