Big Ten Fields 17 Track / Cross Country Academy All Americans

2020-21 CoSIDA Track and Field / Cross Country Academy All American teams

ROSEMONT, sick – A.D. Recipients.

In Thursday’s announcement, the Great Ten finished the 2020-21 school year with a conference record of 56 Academic Americans (32 males, 24 females), surpassing the previous 48 Academic Americans of 48 Academic All Americans at the highest water level in 2015-16. About 25 of them are academically ranked first in the United States, including Penn State. Kerry Abel, CoSIDA Women’s Football Academy All-American Team of the Year

Minnesota had eight academic all-American conferences on track and field / cross-country, then Nebraska (4). Michigan and the state of Michigan each had two honors, and Wisconsin also recognized the All-American Academic Athlete on Thursday.

The Big Ten had four first-team academic Americans and 11 total honors in the men’s track and field / cross-country team, both of which ranked top in any category 1 conference in the country. Two big ten female runners and cross-country student-athletes also won first-team awards.

In the context of academic all-American conditions, students must not only expect a GPA of at least 3.30, but must be a beginner or key reserve by competing at least 50 percent in their school competitions.

Chapter 1 Academic All American Track and Field / Cross-Country Teams The list of ‘Big Ten Academic All-American Track and Field / Cross-Country Choices’ is listed below (alphabetical in school). By clicking here.

CoSIDA Academic All-Americans: Men’s Track and Field / Cross Country
First group

Alec Baston, Grad, Minnesota (4.00, Kinology)
Kevin Cahoy, Senior, Nebraska (3.99, Medicine)
Luke Sidhoff, Grad, Nebraska (4.00, Biological Science)
Olin Hacker, Grad, Wisconsin (4.00, Kinology)

Second group

Teddy Fred, Grad, Minnesota (3.82, Human Resource Development)
George Cook, Senior, Nebraska (3.77, Movement Science)

Third Group

Davin Meyer, Grad. , Michigan (3.87, Individual Practice at Integrated Health MSW)
John Gove, Senior, Michigan State (4.00, Garden)
Joe Riordan, Senior, Michigan State (4.00, BIOS Systems Engineering)
Owen Hoff, Senior, Minnesota (3.75, Kinology)
Caleb Schemeer, Senior, Minnesota (3.61, Aerospace Engineering)

CoSIDA Academic All-Americans-Women’s Track and Field / Cross Country
First group
Alice Hill, Senior, Michigan (4.00, Ecology, Evolution and Biodiversity)
Bethany Haz, Grad, Minnesota (4.00, Sports / Physical Science)

Third Group

Abi Cout-Jackson, Minnesota (3.93, Spanish Studies)
Val Larson, Grad, Minnesota (4.00, Sports / Physical Science)
Amira Young, Junior, Minnesota (3.36, Kinology)
Andrea Jacobs, Senior, Nebraska (4.00, Broadcasting / Journalism / Psychology)

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