Bilaspur Narendra is a source of inspiration for new entrepreneurs

Hamirpur/Bilaspur (HP), February 2 (UNI) If there is a strong will power in the mind and spirit to do something, one can achieve anything. You need to have proper knowledge and good understanding of the field you want to enter.

Young Narendra Singh, a resident of Namhol town in Bilaspur district, after doing his post-graduation and degree in hotel management with passion and hard work, has not only found a niche in the field of agriculture but has become a source of inspiration. For thousands of unemployed youth and entrepreneurs.

Narendra runs a company called “Agro Hill Mushroom” in Palog Panchayat. In the year Not only this, he has also trained thousands of people in the district and nearby districts in mushroom production.

After training in hotel management in 2008, different types of support were given in the training given to the parties involved in mushroom cultivation and mushroom cultivation by Horticulture Department, Government of Himachal Pradesh.

Initially there was some loss due to non-availability of good quality fertilizers and other inputs and after some time he thought of stopping the work but after receiving constant guidance from the Directorate of Solan and Horticulture Department, Bilaspur Mushroom Research Centre. In 2014, compost and seeds, developed a project. And Grow Hill Mushroom Farm has been established at Palog through the Department of Horticulture. Later, he received special training on mushroom breeding from Solan Directorate of Mushroom Research Center through the state government.

Naresh said that with the help and special training from the state government, good income has started and all the previous loans have been paid till 2020. After this, an air-conditioned mushroom room with a capacity of 3000 bags has been set up through the Horticulture Department. In the year In 2020-21, 14000 bags of mushroom compost and 10000 kg of seeds have been prepared and distributed. About 25 thousand trades were made.

During the lockdown of the entire world economy due to Corona, there was a difference in Narendra’s economy, but soon he came out of this loss with hard work and strong energy. He said the demand for mushrooms was so high that he soon recovered.

According to Narendra, initially, like other youngsters, he was looking for a job in some company or hotel management, but today he got this position because of the right timing consultation with the Horticulture Department. Currently, 8 to 10 people are employed in the farm throughout the year. Apart from this, employment opportunities for other agricultural activities have also been created from time to time.

During this season, he said that he has distributed 28000 bags of mushroom fertilizer to 1200 farmers and connected them with mushroom fields. According to Narendra, manure and mushroom are being supplied in Bilspur district as well as in Solan Mandi, Hamirpur Una etc districts and the demand for fertilizer is so high that we are not able to meet the demand of the people. As for fresh mushrooms, with Bilaspur mandi, despite continuous demand and good production from Sunder Nagar, Kullu, Manali, Solan and Shimla mandis; The question is still not fulfilled.

Narendra said that he has modern machines like Hi-Tech Integrated Unit Indoor Compost Unit, through which best quality compost is prepared in 13 days, which gives excellent yield. Apart from this, a modern laboratory has also been established.

In the year He received India’s Best Mushroom Grower Award in 2000 and 2021-2022 by Chambhagat Solan, Mushroom Research and Development Center of IRR Directorate, Pune.

According to Narendra, there are many types of mushrooms these days that also prove to be very useful in the health sector, such as Ri Jadi Mushroom, Satake Mushroom and Reishi Mushroom. Mushrooms like radium, kabul degree, kala, kanak pada, dorian, parali, dingri etc. are in high demand and the price is very high.


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