Biofuels from Pine Needles Real

Ambika Sharma

Tribune News Service

Solan, September 3

According to Dr. YS Parmar, University of orchards, a method of converting these into ethanol, green biofuels, pine needles are not a source of forest fires that cost Kroner every year.

For the past two years, scientists in the Department of Basic Science have been involved in a 50.65 million project: “Pine Needles Bioconvertion: The Himalayan Forest for Second Generation Biofuel.” It was funded by the National Fund Mission in Himalayan Studies, GB Pant Himalayan Environment and Sustainable Development Institute, Almora. Dr. Nvenita Sharma, Professor and Principal, Department of Basic Sciences, Chief Investigator of the Project, It was sanctioned in 2018. by Dr. Nisha Sharma, a research fellow.

Dr. Ravinder Sharma, director of research, said: “Scientists are employing microbes to break down pine needles into ethanol, which has been used as a substitute for fossil fuels. Ethanol is made from foods such as sugar cane, rice, and so on. “

For his part, Deputy Chancellor Dr. Parvinder Cushal said, “Work has been done to produce fuel-grade ethanol, which has not yet been used in this project, by developing new technology, hiring new special microbubs, and subsequent fermentation to ethanol.

By 2025, the Indian government intends to convert gasoline into ethanol into 20% by 2025, and biofuel production may be needed. The Himalayan government has also decided to establish an ethanol factory in the region. VC said.

“This project will guide pine needles for environmental management. It not only eliminates organic waste but also reduces food dependence on ethanol production, which contributes to food security. ”

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