Blue and purple spring flowers on display

Today is the beginning of a dark sky and dripping. This may be a blessing after a recent drought. As the last of the Dolphins disappeared so fast, the temptation to grieve threatened me. But for many years flower beds always had more hope for the young.

The colors of the flower beds have moved to a more covered area than the spring bulbs. Black is a story that is fading backwards – purple. One walk showed that large alleys were being opened to different lavender. Although garden chives show strong buds, even those have a purple color.

A few more days and spherical heads appear in lavender. Clematis on the southwest corner is more or less bursting, purple. Some of the little irises that cover the ground are wine. The only part of the vine that is colored is the tip of the vine. The same, azure, still happily stands in a two-tone blue color.

Draw a line and bring it with an icon

During this quiet period, before the peonies began their spectacular procession, and a little pale blue forget-me-not still dressed in soft blue skirts, a new blue-eyed mound looked up at me. Just below the niqab, there is an ornament called iphion. His name is Jesse. Spring is a small bulb, so you need to order it for spring planting. Ipheion claims multiple sides. He is strong and resilient. Its star shape gives off a violet scent. It is delicious. It blooms for up to eight weeks, which is ideal for any bulb.

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