Blue Fair is ready for the 2021 edition

BLOOMSBURG – The 166th Bloomberg Show with some new attractions – and some extra precautions is set to begin in two weeks.

At a media luncheon at the fair, General Strian Brian Wauroski said on Wednesday that he had discussed with the State Department of Health about the halls and other nearby neighborhoods.

The exhibition will run from September 24 to October 2 this year.

“There are no restrictions at this time,” said Warosky.

“We wear masks all over the house,” he told about 100 members of the media, fair supporters and local dignitaries. You do not have to wear it.

They are at home for those who feel more comfortable with them.

Randy Karsner, president of the Justice Board, said the public could be in a difficult situation.

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are easy days until 12 or 1 p.m.

As a preview of how the exhibition will look, Jessica Cicewis, marketing and entertainment manager for the recently completed Allenta Festival, said the storm began on September 2 instead of September 1 due to Hurricane Erika. She said that although there was no flood and that the exhibition had a large audience.

According to Cicez, the exhibition follows recommendations from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), such as the Bloomsburg Fair, but does not require in-house masks. The city of Allenta also said it had vaccinated at the fair.

Although the fair directors were very excited about the entertainment – the stage performances included the Chicago and Pat Benatar and Neil Graddo, as well as the attractions and food at the fair. According to David Millard, managing director of the arts and crafts, the exhibition is an economic engine and promotes agriculture.

Livestock supervisor Jeff Giger spoke at the fair on Friday about the sale of livestock.

As she spoke, she presented Ferdinand, a six-month-old Scottish black-faced sheep, with her Burgik Rang Milheim and her brother Ryan, 11, of the year. -Jacob’s lamb is called “Psycho”.

Renee Geringner, director of gifts at Ronald McDonald’s in Danville, spoke about the role of Revenue Day in an exhibition he presented to the Board of Justice four years ago. It will continue this year as well. On Tuesday, Fair Fair Tuesday, the $ 8 entry fee will be donated to the local Ronald McDonald’s.

In Danville, Scott’s owner of horticulture, Scott Edwards, said there will be an unforgettable old-fashioned flower shop set up in a garden building using 15-foot trees and light poles.

A.D. As in 2019, there will be another fall in wine, along with wine tasting and wine.


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