Boise Hospital Garden is ready for renovation thanks to the local charity team

Ward One Garden, Boys Hospital, for Renovation Line.

The ከናወን 12,000-a-week project, funded by the National Lottery Community Fund, is being implemented.

Boanet chairman Madelen Hunt – the charity behind the garden project – said: “The hospital in Bo’es now has two different gardens. One of them – serving zone two – well-established and full of mature plants and flowers, the small garden – Ward One – seems a little tired.

“This new project will work with the local community to revitalize the small garden to make it a better place for patients and visitors to enjoy.

Entrance to Bose Hospital on Dean Road.

Maria Ford said plans are being made in consultation with Bonnet residents and staff.

“There is a mix of patients at Bose Hospital,” she said. Some have Alzheimer’s disease, and others are weak. We work closely with staff, residents and their families to complete ideas for change.

There are also ideas for planting flowers and growing fruits and vegetables in the garden, which will contribute to the local food bank. I was thrilled to see what was happening on the site. ”

Life Changes Trust is a Scottish charity that supports the development and inclusion of emotionally charged people and their unpaid caregivers.

“The Life Changes Trust Award is very welcome and will make a real difference for people living in Bonnice Hospital,” said Irene Martin, clinical nurse in charge of Bonnice Hospital.

She pushed the project forward and paid tribute to Bonnet – the Bonnet Network Group.

“Maria and the team at Bonnet were eager to help the hospital. It would be great to have the financial support they needed to make this project a reality.

Bonnet represents the groups in the area, to support the development of community organizations and to make the area a better place to live and work. Recent projects include the creation of a new tourist map for Boys and Blacks and support for new audio guides.

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