Bonner County History – December 5, 2021

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Bonner County History Museum

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50 years ago

Sand Point News Announcement

December 5, 1971 – Urban Broad Sales Event

Sand Point merchants will not be able to hold a spectacular sales event as the “Value Bazaar” posters and news bulletins are being assembled for the biggest selling event in Sand Point this week. The price and quality of the goods should please the buyer, who is very discriminating. Come and see for yourself.


Hitting the train

It appears to have been taken from a hunting rifle as it passed under the Dover Bridge and hit the engine of the Burlington North train. An Eastern train engineer said he saw a man in a shirt standing on the bridge as he got under the train.


Sandpot starts parking

At some point this summer, it may cost you $ 10 to park a car on city streets. “Ordinance 370 will be strictly enforced during the winter,” warned city secretary Kenneth Hawworth. The ordinance prohibits parking in residential areas until after the snow has fallen and the stockpiles cover the roads. The ban will remain in effect until deforestation is completed. Violators will be confiscated, arrested, and the owner will pay $ 10 to cover the cost.

100 years ago

Northern Idaho News

December 5, 1921 – Sixth Month of Sale

The sixth monthly sales day of the Sandpine Traders Association will be held on Wednesday, December 14. These sales days have become an institution in Sandpoint and business people say they cannot communicate without them. They are also developing the spirit of cooperation that was so important. The matter was referred to the Chamber of Commerce, and the merchants seized it. It is believed to have brought closer ties between the city and the locals, and has caused some losses in out-of-store stores.


Boys to study farming at university

Beginning January 4, the university will offer ten-week in-depth agricultural courses for eighteen-year-old students of the same age. Courses include soil, crop, irrigation, agricultural motors, tractor maintenance and operation, dairy, horticulture, horticulture, poultry, animal husbandry, farm management, and farm records.


Hero Dog saves YORK dairy stock

A warehouse on an old Yorkshire dairy farm west of the Great North Depot caught fire Thursday night, the third secret fire in the area last month. A collection of JJ shields, with the help of a shepherd’s dog, was rescued from the barn. While the collection was being taken from the barn, it was believed that two trumpets had been blown up in the courtyard. The farm did not function like milk for many years.

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