Bonsai Bonanza this weekend at the Linden Monument Garden

Milwaukee – The magnificent Bonsai tree sculpture is on display this weekend at the Linden Sculpture Garden in Milwaukee.

It is a perfect bonsa bono with about 70 different trees. It is safe to say that you have never seen such bonsai trees. Some are long, broad, short, leafy, pine-y, and everything in between.

Brian Lorenzen, president of the Milwaukee Bonsai Association, said:

James Groh

All kinds of trees can be transformed into bonsai trees. This is one of the tallest trees in the world.

The display is part of the team’s 50th exhibition. This weekend there will be a variety of shows, workshops and judging competitions.

β€œ(Bonsai) trees are great because it takes a long time to make them look like this, and it takes a lot of learning to keep a tree alive,” says Lontenzen.

It took many years to shape the bonsai trees in the shape of the exhibit. A broken branch can be a long-term mistake. Properly cared for, they can last for hundreds of years.

When I visited the exhibition for this story, I did not expect the various trees to be seen. All I know about bonsai trees is what I saw in the karate kit. Daniel Laruso learns from Miyaji. The film featured a pine tree. This is what I have always thought when I think of bonsai trees, and I am not alone. Lorenzen Many believe that the bonsai trees are only pine. However, they come in all shapes and sizes.

Bonsai tree

James Groh

About 70 bonsai trees will be displayed this weekend at the Linden sculpture.

There are some pine, red trees, elm, maps, cedars, and more.

β€œThe number of trees that can be bonsai is a good thing, and for some of us it is a bad thing because it is our addiction,” says Lortonzen, who has about 30 ripe bonsai trees.

Simply put, the bonsai tree is just a small, man-made tree placed in a pot. In this way, they were able to grow large trees, redwoods, and bonsai trees.

This exhibition is open only this weekend. The hours are Saturday from 5:00 AM and Sunday from 3:00 AM. For starters, you can see how bonsai trees are designed, and relatively experienced artists can participate in the workshops. The best part? The exhibition is free. Find out more here.

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