Border garden in mid-summer

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On the back of the first week of July, I sat on the porch and saw the grass in the border garden with feather purple caterpillars for the golden Stella de Oro flowers and the yellow leaf (the border) of the lady’s dress, which hides the bird’s feet. From now on, I will see a completely different landscape in the garden.

The challenge of summer boundaries is to keep the natural world as happy as it was in July, when it was still fresh and fresh. Many summer gardening successes come down to choosing summer plants, which gives you no clue as to what they will look like when they bloom in July.

It is important to consult with gardeners carefully, especially from catalogs. To get advice on where to work in the garden, I often went to Abi Slock’s last farm. She has not misled me so far, especially when choosing deer plants.

Outside of Polypis Road, the Morse First Farm has life-sustaining deer. Purple ketamine, Russian sage, astilbe, shiny green germ, and deer are invulnerable within my borders.

But alas, the garden is so often overflowing with bebex’s sweet-smelling sunflower sprouts: a foul odor for both deer and rabbits. You can go to the garden in the morning to get your consciousness to float only for one night and get the cursed sprouts every day, and therefore once in a while there is no scene of feathers that add a surprising touch to the border.

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