Bos Wine Park opens in Elk Rapids

September 5 – Elk Rapids – Like the couple behind, Bos Wine is 50 percent Michigan and 50 percent California.

Bio-economic and organic approaches to wine farming in Michigan and California, where her husband Jackie called home. The reason behind this emphasis on “digging into goodness” for agricultural practices is that BOS wine is emphasized in every bottle, from the first vineyard until 2010.

“We focus on the health, importance and quality of the farming system,” said Dave Boss. “We want world-class wine production and farming. They are biodegradable ways in which we can show people and really show what we are doing.

It restores the art of farming. It is the way they plowed 150 to 200 years ago. I still use science every day, but I also use home remedies.

Dave and Jackie Bos took the next step as Vinters. Just as the Michigan-California relationship brings the couple to the table, so does wine supplies.

“All California wines are from the vineyards that I have built or consulted,” he said. All California wines are biodegradable and all Michigan wines are biodegradable.

Dave and Jackie Bos do not grow their own vineyards;

After growing up in Holland and graduating from Hope College, Dave Bos spent 2003-04 in Chato Grand Traver and Tractor Stella in northern Michigan.

“I was one of the ministers who opened the restaurant,” says Dave Boss.

Dave Bos moved to California and In 2007, he met Jackie, a graduate of Cal Poly San Luis Obipo. The couple were married in August 2008.

When visiting his parents in Holland, the couple often traveled north to the town of Travers.

“We come here every summer,” says Jackie Boss. “It was our favorite vacation.”

California-Michigan ties strengthened by West Coast visits

Bos says he helped convert hundreds of hectares of land in the Napa Valley to Biodiversity in nine years, and said he did the same with Marie Winners on a 70-hectare hectare in his previous mission.

BOS Wine released its first barrel in 2010 with only two barrels.

“It was a little less than 50 cases,” he said. It was as small a product as you could make.

The couple had two children. They decided to return to Michigan on the fourth weekend of July 2017. A.D. In 2019, the Bos family moved to 10 acres[10 ha]on Angel Road, where they planned to plant some vines.

For now Jackie and Dave Boss are focused on education and their wine experience. The farm-to-table focus will be on the new vineyard, from Jackie-inspired zodiac signs to shovels with wine glasses and ceramic plates.

“They really talk about the experience, the wine and the food, and then they talk about farming and quality,” says Dave Boss. We want to show that wine is not just a cocktail but on the table.

Even its wineries highlight its relationship with the earth and the growing regions of Michigan and California.

BOS has a Mica Club with four bottles of wine (two from each state) shipped each month. Then there is the Quarterly Wine and Pig Club, which combines six bottles from both states with an artisan charter.

Melissa Werema joined the wine club this summer and although she had a physical reaction to some wines, she was not with BOS. Wirema, who runs a North Heritage farm in Williamsburg, had to “really” mix wine and swine with her husband Justin, partly because of what she did, and partly because of her boss’s approach to reformed agriculture. 42 Hectare Facility.

“That’s a big deal,” says Melissa Wirema. They produce biodegradable and organic wine and it is important to us, that is important to me.

Boss Wine started the club in 2014 and has grown on both beaches since then, Jackie Bos said.

“This is a growing community of close friends,” she said. “The wine club is something we always focus on.”

Elizabeth Serano is the manager of BOS Wine Club. Jacqueline Olsen is the guest manager.

BOS combines five wines with five different food options and experiences wine production in Elk Rapids.

The wine club at Elk Rapids has seating for 20 people and has another “20-ish” on the porch. Couples recommend reservations, especially inside. Because of the space available, but also because the experience requires time.

One of the customers who admired both on the opening day was talk. She participated in the winemaking experience on Wednesday.

“I thought it was amazing,” said Wirema. They have such a wonderful experience there. It was very different from many other wines. He raised one level with the wine with every pair of meals.

Although Jackie and Dave Boss had hoped to open the Elk Rapids wine club earlier this year, the later opening gave BOS wine a chance to connect with the city and especially local artists, responsible for the “embroidery” outside the building. And a picture on a methodological bottle.

“It was great to see how supportive Elk Rapids was in the process,” said Dave Boss. It was great to have that support on many levels.

Although the vineyard is now open for business, BOS Wine is planning a grand opening party on September 18.

And it doesn’t take long for the couple to find out why the Elk Rapids business is called a vineyard. Gardening in California, California, is where Jackie and Dave Boss started their journey. Their ‘garden history’ is highlighted on the website.

The garden on the porch, between a renovated farmhouse and a small red barn, was filled with bees and butterflies on its opening Wednesday.

“One of the great things about us was that we had such a large garden in California,” says Dave Boss. We love big gardens. That’s where all our good ideas come from.

Jackie is a commercial landscape architect, so this is kind of my favorite place.

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