Boulder area, pre-print point, ready for further development

Eighteen months ago, then Out of Pocket Media Media LLC, Inc. , Was a small cottage printing company with a portfolio that focused primarily on consumer and business-to-business cycling topics.

The 2021 Spring Edition Women’s Outdoor Run, by Outside Inc. One of the titles available

Since then, he has started his own fundraising and fundraising campaign, which ended with the acquisition of a foreign magazine and associated brands.

The rapid growth of Outer Ink is a hallmark of the printing industry in Bolder and surrounding areas. The region has long been a center of the printing industry. It is now a time of growth and change. It has been going on for some time – two years ago, Active Interest Media bought the famous woodworking, author’s Digest, Family Tree, Garden magazine and six other special interest articles from F + W Media at a loss.

In August 2020, he earned interest from Outside Inc. January / February 2021, one of the topics covered.

The most aggressive expansion was the acquisition of imported Inc.

Out of pocket, in August 2020 he received 16 magazine articles from active interest. Those brands – including Yoga Journal, Ski, Out, Travel, Warren Miller Entertainment, Eating Clean, Vegetarian Times and Better Nutrition – include active interest in outdoor and healthy living.

That purchase allowed him to buy 100% active interest from his former shareholder, Andrew Clawman, general manager of Active Interest.

“I was in tears,” said Clawman. They clearly have investors and believers in their business plans.

Outside of October and November, Out of Pocket, Lifetime Publisher Big Stone Printing Limited and Endurance Sports Photography FinisherPix. In December, the A-round fund closed around $ 16.5 million.

By Outside Inc. Triathlete, one of the titles owned by Outside Inc.

When he acquired the integrated media LLC, which publishes a foreign magazine, and as an external inc. However, it was renamed. Gaya GPS and Event Registration Forum Athlete Reg. The acquisition coincided with a $ 150 million consecutive B funding round.

“This is a day of change for our company and our customers,” he said. Foreign Company Inc. Everything we do is guided by faith that can change your life for walking, running, riding or yoga, and these new brands will help us fulfill our mission to build the world’s best consumer experience in a variety of activities. With these activities, we can now deliver content 24/7 around the world on all platforms, screens and devices.

He did not stop there. In July, it acquired three bike brands: a video-based website, PinkBick, a road bike and racing station bike tips, and a GPS trail database.

An annual subscription service has been launched Outside + to provide all of the content, training plans, adventure sports experiences, videos and events on one platform to all customers in the portfolio.

A.D. August 2020 earned active interest from Outside Inc. One of the titles owned is February 2021 Withdrawal (from Internal Inc.).

“Our vision is to turn these printing companies into digital platforms,” ​​Torston told BizWest in May. We give you everything you need from active media and activity. We want to summarize everything. Whether it’s an active lifestyle or home and cooking – these vertical attractions attract viewers back. All publishers need to log in to the first-party data business and better understand their users in order for people to sign in, use all services.

“That is not a traditional business model for publishing,” said Cloman. They are all involved in the membership presentation with their audience.

The new revenue model

In fact, the traditional business model of printing is relying on advertising revenue, which is the source of viewers’ drying of audiences from print to digital. Subscription-based models are becoming standard in all media themes from Paramont Plus to Disney +, and publishers see it as a long-term revenue stream. He is not just outside. Clawman said active interest is also shifting to a subscription model for consumer publications.

“The subscription model continues to grow and continue to grow and grow,” Clawman said. “The advertising industry is in turmoil. Instead of relying on advertising revenue, the sub-business model is more stable and predictable. It is still very effective, but it is never growing. ”

The challenge for every print media to transition to digital subscription-based revenue is to find content that viewers are willing to pay for. In general, it is almost impossible to get people to pay for content that they can get for free, says Cloman. For example, the proliferation of free cooking and cooking websites is hurting active interest cooking brands.

“If you don’t have anything better than freedom, you will have a hard time competing,” Kruman said.

On the other hand, those who are more active in gardening and woodworking, such as the cottage, have done a better job of attracting subscribers.

“If you are a carpenter, you cannot build a sophisticated project without a detailed plan,” says Kruman. They may want everything you can get your hands on, so people are willing to pay for it. If you are new to gardening, you will need quality information and advice and professionalism. People have shown that they are willing to pay for it. ”

Active Interest Digest, one of the publications that won the F + W Media Bank auction in 2019, has also been successful with his subscribers. Focusing on fiction and non-fiction writers and screenwriters, the author also offers online courses and workshops as well as handwriting contests. During the COVID-19 epidemic, Cloman said the brand was truly down.

“People were at home and it was time to write their great American novel,” Klaman said. The conversion of this 100-year-old brand to this content machine was a great surprise to us.

Senior Content Director Christine Caperman on Wednesday will lead a brainstorming session on a blockchain-based business that creates content for businesses in the natural products industry. New Hope has recently moved to content marketing, which has become a major driver of digital revenue. (Gedel Grasmic / Staff Photographer)

From business to business

Business publishers in the Boulder area also had to cope with changing landscapes, but in different ways. Advertising in business-to-business publications has always been a safer and more sustainable source of revenue for consumer publications, so they should not switch to a subscription-based model.

However, many local business owners have had serious incidents and epidemics for their businesses that have been severely damaged and are now recovering.

A new bulletin network based on the bulk of the natural and organic products industries publishes articles such as the Nutrition Business Journal and the Natural Foods Merchandiser. He had a strong digital presence that he could use when he could not handle physical events. Jessica Rubino, executive director of Content for New Hope, has launched a digital platform called Spark Change, which has been transformed into a virtual expo to provide virtual networks and educational opportunities.

According to Rubino, traditional advertising has continued to grow and is still a strong source of revenue. New Hope has also turned to content marketing, and that has become its main digital revenue driver. Rubino says the new hope has helped keep the audience confident when the publisher first started marketing content. And it has been a great success.

We have a very high level of editing and we are clear [about what content is marketing]”Said Rubino. “This has really contributed to this. Provides a better understanding of the categories or topics or topics in the industry. They provide valuable information to our community. I’m really proud of what we’ve built. Beyond customer advertising partnerships, our customers will continue to come back for these types of content. We are also fortunate to work with companies with amazing stories. ”

Bromfield-based business to commercial publisher National Business Media David Pomeroy, his company Graphics Pro, RV Pro and R. The shop. In addition to industry news and events, Pomeroy said case studies and business profiles have become increasingly popular.

“Those were echoing,” Pomeroy said. People like to look at their peers and see how they do things.

Every year, the National Business Media hosts the largest trade show graphics pro expos in several cities across the country. Most of those events should have been canceled by 2020, but the National Commercial Media has managed to capture four by 2021, with two more programs scheduled for Pittsburgh and Charlotte later this year.

A.D. Natural Export Expo West and Expo East should be canceled by 2020. New Hope Network is facing similar problems. Expo West was due to be canceled this year, but plans to wear Expo East next month for the first time. In two years.

What’s next?

Bolder is ready to remain a point of contact for the publishing industry as it celebrates the return of events from business to business, consumer publishers try out subscription models, and both explore new revenue streams. Years to come.

“The boulder has a lot to offer,” says Clourman. It is a magnet for the people we need.

Boulder said the only limitation for the publishing industry’s attractiveness could be a dramatic increase in chlorination housing costs.

“When I started a business here, people were able to live here,” he said.

However, although he has not published articles in the outdoor and fitness industries related to the environment, he intends to stay active in the field.

Pomeroi points to a relatively recent opportunity to move forward with the Bolder printing industry: the College of Media, Communication and Information College in Colorado Boulder University was established in 2015. According to Pomeroy, CMC has helped build local talent pipelines that feed directly to local companies.

“This was a great step in keeping the pool of potential here,” Pomeroy said. “Today we are finding good people who are ready to enter the media and publishing industry. I think things like this will make this region truly competitive.

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